Monday, January 30, 2012

Ahmadinejad: Just Another End Times Religious Nutter?

Should the West be worried about Ahmadinejad's preoccupation with the Twelfth Imam? Is it any different to the crazies of the religious right in the US, and their preoccupation that Israel must be in place in order to facilitate the second coming of Christ?

Or are both sides equally insane, and both to be feared equally?

Listen to Ahmadinejad towards the end of this 2007/2008 clip.

Just another self deluded religious headbanger. Unfortunately, one with a nuclear agenda. And he has, make no mistake about that. His time as President is supposedly up in 2013, is a nuclear weapon meant to be his legacy?

Not that I advocate the immediate bombing of Iran, but then I don't have to; it's on the cards; it's the American way. It's the only way they know.

Is this below the bit he is talking about? Don't see much of an aura, do you?

Iran, with a serious hard on.

Mark McGowan gives us, among others, a little bit on the Iranians and their marching.

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