Friday, January 20, 2012

Clarence Mitchell Costa Concordia: The Spin Starts

I was about to say the spin starts with a straw man, only it's a straw woman on this occasion.

Mind you, it won't be the first time for a straw woman will it, Barcelona anyone?

Costa Concordia cruise tragedy: Search for girl aged five as death toll rises

Angel of death.

Costa Concordia skipper Francesco Schettino 'drinking with mystery woman'

by James Bone
January 20, 2012

THE captain of the Costa Concordia is alleged to have been drinking at dinner with a Moldovan dancer on the night of the shipwreck off Italy.

Italian police want to question Domnica Cemortan, a 25-year-old former ballet student who says that she was with the captain on the bridge. Ms Cemortan is a Costa Cruises employee, but she was starting a holiday to celebrate her birthday with friends.

She had worked as an interpreter for Russian passengers on a previous leg but bought a ticket to stay on board after the ship left the Italian port of Civitavecchia.

"The woman who on the evening of the accident appears to have dined with Captain [Francesco] Schettino had regularly embarked on the vessel in Civitavecchia," Clarence Mitchell, a company spokesman, said. "Costa Cruises is ready to provide the authorities with her identity and the details of the ticket she bought."

A passenger claimed yesterday that he saw the captain having dinner and drinking from a decanter of red wine in the ship's best restaurant with an unidentified slim blonde woman and another officer shortly before the vessel hit the rocks on Friday night.

Angelo Fabbri, from Savona, said that he and his wife saw Captain Schettino in the Concordia Club restaurant at 9.05pm on the evening of the accident. A menu was served for special guests: prawn cocktails, pasta with shrimps and a fish grill.

"Schettino, in a dark suit, was sitting in front of the woman. She seemed young. At first, we thought it was his daughter. A pretty woman, 35 or 40 years old, slim, with shoulder-length blonde hair, with a black dress with open arms," he told Il Secolo XIX newspaper in Genoa.

"They were laughing. There was trust between them, great happiness. There is no doubt they were drinking, at least a whole decanter. The last drop was poured into the captain's glass.

"They left the table crossing the room single file, walking between the tables: first Schettino, then the woman and finally the third diner."

The claim that Captain Schettino had been drinking directly contradicts a statement by Pier Luigi Foschi, the chairman of Costa Cruises, that the captain was a non-drinker. All Costa officers, he said, were subject to random drug and alcohol tests.

Police were conducting urine tests on Captain Schettino yesterday, almost a week after the accident. He told the investigating magistrate that he had not drunk alcohol.

The Barcelona debacle, the bottom half of this post:

Now back in Moldova, Ms Cemortan, who trained as a ballet dancer in Paris, also denied that she was the mystery woman seen dining with the captain. She added that she went on the bridge only after the ship ran aground.

"I was at dinner with friends, at 9.30pm. I climbed on to the deck and translated information provided by the officers for Russian passengers," she told the local Advarul newspaper. "The Russians were the first passengers evacuated."

She defended Captain Schettino as a hero for saving thousands of passengers. "I left the bridge at 11.50pm and he was there," she said.

"It was dark. Knowing the ship saved me. Trying to move to the exit, following the fluorescent lights, I could hear all sorts of objects falling. People were screaming. A man had a three-month-old baby in his arms and another had a three-year-old ... The ship was pitching more and more. When I reached the lifeboat, I thought we were saved. But a large piece of metal began to push the boat. Many people had jumped."

Ms Cemortan, who has a two-year-old child and has worked on cruise ships for five years, was reported to have got the ticket on the internet as a birthday present.

Costa Cruises said last night that it was not clear when the woman who was dining with the captain went on to the bridge. "I cannot either confirm or deny if the woman concerned was on the bridge at the time of the accident," Mr Mitchell said. The Australian

And for folks around the world who have never followed the McCann case with the same vigour as we in the UK, you can experience Clarence Mitchell in full spin mode in this illustrated post.
Clarence Mitchell "Operational Reasons" and Other Buffoonery


Anonymous said...

"I cannot either confirm or deny if the woman concerned was on the bridge at the time of the accident," Mr Mitchell said.

Nuff said.

Himself said...

There's a faerie at the bottom of our garden, her name is nuff, fair enough.

Anonymous said...

No one believed the mccanns after mitchell turn spokesman for them and no one is going to believe what he has to say now.
he,s a bleeding ejit

SteelMagnolia said...

Names, faces and places have been changed to protect the guilty!

Excellent work my friend. x

SteelMagnolia said...

ALL this does is prove Madeleine McCann is dead and the Tapas 9 are involved.

SteelMagnolia said...

1) ALL those at the wheel MUST first be drunk!

SteelMagnolia said...

He's an attorney now lol

Captain also seen leaving in a taxi...The McCanns had a taxi in their folklore, Robert Murat was seen in it with Madeleine ! must look it up .

This would be amusing if people had not lost their lives.

Himself said...

Thank you m'dear, my post is nothing more than ''if the cap fits'' and it fits Mitchell to a tee, as well we know.

As people start to see Mitchell for what he is, a paid liar, He won't do the cause of Costa or the McCanns any good.

And the real pisser about all this; if we look back at all the pantomime ''press conferences'' that Mitchell foisted on the public, not one cop, not one politician, and not one newspaper said a goddamned word to the effect of, what is this shite?

The ''fun'' has yet to start, if they don't find a way of getting the oil off that ship PDQ, the losses so far incurred by Costa, are going to look like small change.

Mitchell may have been able to spin the death of a three year old to a gullible public, but he ain't going to spin an environmental disaster.

And if he tries? well we will be back to the ''association'' thing. Mitchell IS the McCanns.

An attorney for Costa Cruises, Clarence Mitchell, said, “Mr (Pier Luigi) Foschi confirmed the captain had been approaching the island of Giglio to ‘make a salute’. The company says this (incident) was caused by an attempt by the captain to show the ship to the port. But there’s a criminal investigation going on and we’re not going to say anything that’s going to compromise that or the captain’s case.”

Indeed! What's next? Schettino couldn't see where he was going because bint was sat on his face?

Full of vino callapso of course, everybody is pissed up bar the McCanns, who got rat arsed every night.

I can just see it now, a pissed up Kate McCann lashing out at Madeleine. No wonder it all went quiet after the Mrs Fenn incident.

Still, as Leicester plod say, it's a Portuguese affair.

How very convenient for them.

Himself said...

The McCanns had a taxi in their folklore

In more ways than one.

SteelMagnolia said...

The beauty of being married to a man who speaks many tongues is that he has many contacts in many places.

An Italian blog is now in progress, if we reach one family member of those who have lost their lives it will be worth it.

By the way copy and paste to the hilt and to hell with copyright is of utmost importance...the person who the salute was intended has already confirmed THAT week he was NOT I repeat NOT on the island. Gotcha!!!!

Himself said...

By the time this is done, it will be a half billion dollar salute to someone who wasn't there!

And it will be getting on for that kind of figure when you think of all the implications, lost business, clean up et al.

Jan said...

On Friday, the Skagerrak Foundation has written to the Paris MOU, US Coast Guard and the European Maritime Safety Agency.

Carnival Corporation / Costa Grociere have left us concerned.

We refer to the public statements and conclusions before investigation and maritime inquiry and the public blaming the captain - without acknowledgement of the Company's responsibility or reference to the ISM code.

Paris MOU and the member states should take the necessary measures to ensure that the quality of the safety system in Carnival Corporation / Costa Grociere is satisfactory, and that the ISM-code is implemented in the Company in accordance with the intentions and visions of this very important regulation.

SteelMagnolia said...

Can of worms and why the pinkponce is involved.

Himself said...

See DM I have just sent you, let me know if it is relative.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

It's a funny old world lass.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is.

Himself said...


Enjoy your weekend my lovely.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Some news

Faved by "Je suis unique au monde"

I love irony. Mx

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