Monday, January 30, 2012

A Russian Eye View of the Netherlands: Islamists Dying for Power in Holland

Come back Geert, all is forgiven.

Islamists Dying for Power in Holland

For the first time in the history of Europe, Islamic organization can participate in the elections. Party For Muslim Netherlands wants to get into parliament in 2015. The Netherlands could become the first country on the continent where the Islamists will participate in the legislature. The far-right sentiment is increasing in the country as well.

The party program leaves no doubt about its nature. Let's start with the fact that only Muslims can be members of the organization. Its aims are to fight against abortion, homosexuality, abuse of religion and religious texts and all kinds of discrimination. It proposed to prohibit all kinds of drugs, including recreational. The main authority in the Netherlands should be the Shura (Islamic council).

There are also no doubts with regard to foreign policy. Activists of the Party for Muslim Netherlands insist on the cessation of support for Israel, withdrawal of Dutch troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, an early admission of Turkey into the EU. Party members are promoting their ideas through the members of city councils of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Many Muslims live in the major cities of Holland, so Party for Muslim Netherlands has enough voters.

Some of the demands of the organization are shared by the conservative Dutch (there are still some of those). Many residents of the country do not like the open sale of marijuana, gay marriage, and "red light" neighborhoods - in short, everything that made modern Netherlands famous. However, the topic of discrimination and harassment of religious texts is quite slippery. The indigenous people are unlikely to be thrilled with the idea of life under Sharia law under the authority of the Shura.

What are the chances that the Islamists will get into the parliament? The threshold for getting into the States General of the Netherlands is five percent. The number of adherents of Islam is approximately one million people (out of 16), or over six percent. It is not a given that all followers of Islam will vote for the Party For Muslim Netherlands. But even participation in the election of such an organization is a significant event. Never before has Islamist party "stormed" the parliament of a European country. And then, everything is possible: the birth rate in Muslim families is high. The time may soon come when the Islamists break through to the power. More Pravda


Anonymous said...

quote article

"They have good reasons to be frightened. In 2004, a native of Morocco born in Holland murdered filmmaker Theo van Gogh, who was filming a movie about the plight of women in the Muslim world. Two years earlier the leader of the "List Pim Fortayna" party Pim Fortayn, advocating for a total ban on immigration from Muslim countries, was murdered. Although the crime was committed by a native Dutch, its shadow still fell on the Muslim community."

Pim Fortuyn was killed by Volkert van der Graaf, a Dutch left-wing activist and a vegan animal rights campaigner.

"Fortayn", phonetic translation :),
reminds me of the pronunciation of Huygens. Mind you:

"Dutch is impossible to learn, it's completely different from English, the grammar is very complicated, the Dutch sounds are impossible to pronounce and, after all, you don't really need Dutch if you're living in the Netherlands, because they all speak perfect English."

They think.

"To the unaccustomed ear, Dutch appears to be constituted of grunts and growls, occasionally added snarls and k-sounds. That, however, is far from true. On this page I'll try to show the origin of our language as well as some of the ridiculous aspects."

Oink! x

Anonymous said...

another animal issue

The in-house a dog should be banned because it is pure animal cruelty. That Councillor Hague, the Kucuk Hasan of Islam Democrats.

"Dogs belong in nature, but not in a house," said Küçük. Dog House, according to him, therefore, should be punishable in the capital. "A dog in a flat is animal cruelty."

Islam Democrats?

I'm lucky, I don't own a dog, well, what would Gromit say?

Anonymous said...

PS: I don't live in a flat either.

Anonymous said...

Criminalization of blasphemy and
free speech within limitations: speech that can be seen as insulting or offensive on religious grounds will be prosecuted.

No harm, no bans shall be set against the current practice of importing.

Anonymous said...

"in-house a dog", Google Translate I suppose. Dog House is dog ownership and the "capital" is The Hague (Den Haag or 's-Gravenhage).
Nothing lost in translation.

Anonymous said...

Lunatics are everywhere

"If the burqa ban law passes, all women should immediately buy and wear a burqa." - Karin Dekker, alderman Green Left party.

Himself said...


What can I say?

Other than to ask how you would pronounce Huygens?

Here it would be oi gens with a hard G, possibly a slight emphasis on a H hoi.

Double Dutch?

Isn't the internet a marvelous thing?

Himself said...


All of a sudden Muslims are into animal welfare.

But of course.

No mention of pet pigs!

Himself said...


Wot, No stoning!? Perhaps that's where this comes in.

Criminalization of blasphemy

Free speech within limitations:

Free to agree with us.

Or else!

Himself said...


This should be set in a frame. The Islamic male in a nutshell.

No bans shall be set against the current practice of importing poorly-educated women as brides for Dutch Muslim men

the current practice?

There is a post in that sentence alone, although I doubt I will have time in the morning, Mother and I are doing the antique centres and then tea at a lovely Art Deco hotel in Morecambe, the Midland.

Himself said...


A party that pretends to stand for women's emancipation, and then calls a degrading women to wear burqa is not worth a snap of the nose

Hatred for the Right exceeds her 'love' for her sisters. Apologist.

Anonymous said...

not worth "a snap of the nose" means not worth "a penny" or "a button"?

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Iranian-born poet Nafiss Nia hopelessly devoted to Dutch.

Anonymous said...

and finally a (f)lying Dutchman

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Maren, could you put your finger on all the Anthony Comstock I did/we discussed?

I can't find it anywhere.


Anonymous said...

Hi H, this post? groetjes enzo M


Himself said...

That's the one, I just remembered it as more though, but that's not saying anything these days.

I'm going to try an early one, so I will say goodnight m'darlin' xx

Anonymous said...

Owning dogs in Iran is frowned upon, and walking the dogs in the streets is forbidden.

Himself said...

I have to check out some of the other links on that page, but you might guess what today's posts may be all about.

Thank you kindly fair maid.

Anonymous said...

Good news.

Himself said...

Good news indeed.

The NMP’s stated purpose was to decrease the gap between Muslims and non-Muslims and to improve Islam’s image in the Netherlands.

If you believe the first part, then I have a bridge to sell you.

I think the image of Theo Van Gogh lying murdered in the street has put paid to the second part forever.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Radical breeding ground.

I don't think you need to stretch the imagination as to how these kids are going to turn out.

Anonymous said...

The problems of the Dutch Moroccan community are not caused by their culture, but are the legacy of their migration to the Netherlands according to Dutch Moroccan historian Nadia Bouras. “Dutch politicians say they’re innocent and instead blame Moroccan culture.”

No, some Dutch politicians and many Dutch people blame Islamic culture, not Moroccan culture.

Can anyone become a historian in Holland?

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

A good calm,clear and frosty morning to you my darling.

I'm afraid the Allah wallas Don't care much for history, it conflicts with their world view of things.

Those facty things, always getting in the way.

"Wilders is racist but he’s right” LOL

Others blame the violent or criminal behaviour on ‘differences of mentality’ or ‘the deceitful Moroccan culture’.

Now we're getting somewhere.

Himself said...

I have a new twitter follower.


It's a funny old world lass.

Anonymous said...

"a sacred right"

Anonymous said...

Same link, comment Annie

These cloggies are christian homosexuals?

Really; only in The Netherlands!

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

the fostering of a nine-year-old boy by a Dutch lesbian couple

Earlier on Friday it emerged the couple, who have looked after the boy since he was a few months old

The two mothers have done a fantastic job, one told the Volkskrant. 'They have explored his ethnic background, visited Turkey and are learning Turkish.

The boy's natural parents took their two other children to family in Turkey to avoid them being fostered by the same couple

Poor kid.

Poor couple.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

If you beat your wife out of cultural norms, it follows that you beat your kids as well.

God bless multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

andrelot Ramazan Akça • 3 hours ago

Yunus was taken away when he was a few months old. Child brains at that age don't have the cognitive ability to understand language, let alone religion.

Anonymous said...


I don't quite see what religion has to do with this. Religion is something you learn, not something you are born with. I'm pretty sure he won't miss it, and if he does, he can choose to practise whichever religion he likes as soon as he is old enough to understand the concept.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Merkel 'should push Putin for reforms'

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Syria: "No place for youths brought up on chips and mayo"

How very errr . . . Belgique.

Anonymous said...

Good morning m’dear.

Just local news. Municipal elections, battle for votes. Sigh.

Himself said...

Good morning my little blossom.

‘But I have had enough of abject, sick-making comparisons with Hitler,’ Wilders said.

Ah so.

Various commentators have pointed out that in the past Wilders has said the Koran as a book is ‘worse than Mijn Kampf’ and has compared the prophet Mohammed with Hitler.

Worse in fact. Adolf never tried to foist another religion on the world.

Local elections: local parties, Socialists, D66 do best in new poll

I can't draw conclusions, it's a bit ambiguous for someone not au fait with Dutch politics. But it is only a poll, when all said and done.

More tea, a shower, and an appointment with the previous estate agent to try and wrestle my security deposit back.

We shall see lass, we shall see.

Anonymous said...

"Dutch politics"

Rapper Hozny kills Wilders.

Himself said...

I can't be doing with rap at the best of times, and especially not from the likes of yer man.

Gimme some good old Belgian techno anytime. Being as I am at heart, an unreformed hardcore raver.

If not a tad past it these days.

Dutch ain't the greatest thing for translation apps; the result.

Today in the release, fresh on the GeenStijl: rapper Hozny Muslim and his latest hit 'Geertje'. Self dropped us, with a covering letter ". Wilders Message to I do not agree but let me (sic) voice be heard Hard Facts About Geertje." Sicke lyrics, flow thick, fat beats, or whatever they call all the weird rapnegerts that. But the real pièce de résistance are not zinsnedes as "You're only alive because Allah wills it so," or "Volkert van der G. and Mohamed B. Actually, you need to share with those two a little cell. It is the provocative video clip @ Hozny his 15 minutes of fame to give: man with blonde wig versus rapper with a pipa. And then at the end of that shot 'Geertje' kneeling in front of a green flag of Islam between two armed warriors of Allah, the lesson is read by Hozny. Well thanks, Hozny. Even more fear of violence at the PVV. As a bit Godwinnen nowadays is reason for return, would Wilders how famous than to make this tekstenspuger
Rutte: " Disgusting . "
Wilders: ". Ailing and disgusting" Hitler Wilders declarations do.

Adolf again, LOL

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Good morning H. Aye, indeed, Dutch ain't the greatest thing for translation. Mx

Info (English)

fighting hate with more hate - public opinion

Himself said...

Ah so.

Anyway Chuck, doesn't being musical (in both senses of the word) normally get you stoned to death?

Himself said...


And so he should, and not just for his own sake.

I would imagine the murder of Theo van Gogh is still quite stark in people's memories?

As are my own naive thoughts, that perhaps the world might be a better place with the dawning of the new millennium.

Himself said...

OT I have a new follower.

Phillip ‏ @Outdoorguy64

I've followed him back.

Might be interesting.

Himself said...

Oh Jeebus, his timeline is something else.

But whatever you do, don't mention guns.

Or Barry Obama! LOL

Anonymous said...

Barry Soetoro and #Godslovechats

Himself said...

As a European, and in spite of my association watching the Yanks, I still despair.


Even further.

Barry Soetoro

Quite a few of those about, Chuck.

And these are the educated ones, the ones that can write.

Anonymous said...

No bans shall be set against the current practice of importing poorly-educated women as brides for Dutch Muslim men.

Anonymous said...

In a reaction, social affairs minister Lodewijk Asscher said he was not surprised but was shocked at the figures. Honour killing is 'an unbelievably difficult problem' that 'is not appropriate to the Netherlands,' he said.

'We have to make it clear that this can not be accepted under any circumstances,' he said. 'That if you are in the Netherlands you keep your hands off each other and have the right to fall in love with whoever you want and believe whatever you like.'