Thursday, January 12, 2012

Iranian Nuclear Chemist Killed by Motorbike Assassins

Iranian nuclear chemist killed by motorbike assassins

Tensions escalate with US and Israel as Tehran accuses the Mossad in fifth murder of scientists
11 January 2012

A chemist working at Iran's main uranium enrichment plant was killed on Wednesday when attackers on a motorbike stuck a magnetic bomb to his car.

The assassination – the fifth against Iranian nuclear scientists in the past two years – is likely to further escalate tensions between Iran and the west.

It took place at 8.30am, at the height of rush-hour in Tehran, according to witnesses quoted in the Iranian media.

A motorcycle pulled up alongside a silver Peugeot 405 carrying the deputy director of the Natanz enrichment plant, Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, 32.

The pillion passenger stuck a charge to the door next to the chemist, which detonated as the motorcyclist drove off.

The car's driver was also killed and a pedestrian was wounded, but the charge used appeared to have a sophisticated shape that focused the blast into the car. While the door ended up in nearby trees, much of the car remained intact.

Ahmadi-Roshan was the fifth nuclear scientist to be attacked in Tehran in 24 months. Only one target has survived the daytime attacks, apparently carried out by a well-trained hit team.

Iran has said the US and Israel are behind the assassinations, and blamed the Mossad for Wednesday's killings.

Washington denied any involvement, while Israel, whose military chief had warned Iran on Tuesday to expect more "unnatural" events, declined to comment.

The attacks come at a time of high tension and high stakes in the Gulf. The US has declared it will prohibit the global financing of the Iranian oil trade starting in June in protest at Iran's nuclear programme. The EU is due to decide on its own embargo on Iranian oil later this month.

Iran has reacted by threatening to close the Gulf's narrowest point, the strait of Hormuz – cutting off a fifth of the world's oil supply – if its oil exports are embargoed. more gruniad


su said...

Iran is being goaded into war.
Now is not the time for egotistical leadership.
This is an ancient civilization that would be destroyed in an attack.
Lighting a candle for the country and its people and particularly the leadership.
May an ancient wisdom prevail and may their be an alternative to war.

Lighting a candle for Iran
and sending goodwill to the imperialists. The smallest light conquers darkness.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Lighting a candle for the country and its people and particularly the leadership.

Lighting a candle for Iran

particularly the leadership