Sunday, January 15, 2012

Costa Concordia: Quote Of The Week

Schettino's lawyer, Bruno Leporatti told the agency: "I'd like to say that several hundred people owed their life to the expertise that the commander of the Costa Concordia showed during the emergency."

The captain was seen fleeing ship with the money. Wouldn’t allow staff to abandon ship because it would harm his career. Crew had to arrange the evacuation themselves, hence confusion.

Dedicated Costa Concordia blog.

BBC page multi-videos.

Like all vessels of this nature, it's not a ship; it's a plank with a block of flats on top. It frightens me just looking at it.


su said...

How come this captain has been arrested.
What happened to the times when an accident was an accident.
And Bush and Blair responsible for the death of over a million and still growing are walking free.

Please will the asteroid come in now.

Himself said...

Jesus wept Su, you can't be serious.

Not only did the man cause a shipwreck, he abandoned his vessel leaving passengers aboard.

Arrested! He should be shot on his own quarterdeck.

As for your Bush/Blair analogy, it's contemptuous.