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Dawkin’s Theory of God

Dawkin’s Theory of God
Jan 25 2012

Eminent British biologist and author Richard Dawkins was one of the most vociferously spoken writers to defend Salman Rushdie’s right to express his views while demolishing the idea of faith and religion. An ardent proponent of atheism, professor Dawkins, who wrote The God Delusion, called Rushdie’s absence a “lamentful disgrace” and “deplorable”, a day before the Midnight’s Children author’s video link at the Jaipur Literature Festival was canceled due to protests outside the venue.

“ Religious faith is a state of mind, that leads people to believe in something, without a whisper of doubt. It is so strong in some cases that they are prepared to kill and die for it. This is the terrifying thing about faith; wherein those taken over by it, are not open to reason, argument or persuasion. Faith is powerful enough to unite people against pity, forgiveness and decent human feeling,” said Dawkins, lashing out at the idea of faith with precision taking over every word he uttered in his packed session.

Author of The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker — books dealing with gene-centric view of evolution — Dawkins is known for his strong views on evolution and the origin of the universe. At the overcrowded festival, Dawkins’ charming style of decoding science, paired with his views on faith, was sprinkled with many ‘Dawkins moments’ lauded at regular intervals.

“ Our whole society is soft on religion. The assumption is remarkably widespread. Without being religious, we might find all sorts of things offensive. I have been deeply offended by things that are a part of Christmas — Baby Jesus and Rudolf, the reindeer — but if I like to act on these prejudices, then I will be held accountable. I will be challenged to justify myself. But let somebody’s religion be offended, and it another matter entirely,” said Dawkins, who added that “the antidote to any kind of religious indoctrination is education specially scientific and critical education and protecting children from indoctrination,”

Talking about separating religion from politics, the antagonist in him wants to have “no privileges given to religion via the state.” He said, “I suspect we have already seen several atheist US presidents, they just didn’t admit it. I suspect Lincoln was an atheist, probably so was Kennedy. Obama is an intelligent man, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a closet atheist.”

When asked if he would like to be immortal, Dawkins said, “The idea of eternity is frightening; would never want it.”

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