Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Staying With The Insane: Mitt Romney Rick Perry

Having just featured below, the insane Rick Santorum, it falls upon me, in the name of 'fair and balanced reporting,' to bring you a few seconds of Mitt, I'd sell my granny for a vote, Romney, and Rick, American freedom, Perry.

What you might like to bear in mind, something that both candidates fail to do, is that the subject of this discussion, is not cutting the military spending budget, but slowing down its rate of growth.

It's not as though the US is exactly falling behind the rest of the world in military spending, given that their budget is greater than the rest of the world combined.

I have put the transcript of both Romney and Perry up first, but you really should watch the clip to appreciate the full flavour of these two demented and shabby Pols. It all happens within the first three minutes.

MITT ROMNEY: We’re facing a very dangerous world, and we have a president now who, unbelievably, has decided to shrink the size of the military, who, unbelievably, has said, for the first time since FDR, we’re going to no longer have the capacity to fight two wars at a time. This president must be replaced. (Followed by a shit eating grin from, Two Wars Mitt)

GOV. RICK PERRY: What this president is doing with our military budget is going to put our country’s freedom in jeopardy. You cannot cut $1 trillion from the Department of Defense budget and expect that America’s freedoms are not going to be jeopardized. That, to me, is the biggest problem that America faces, is a president that doesn’t understand the military and a president who is allowing the reduction of the DOD budget so that he can spend money in other places. And it will put America’s freedom in jeopardy. (America's freedom, is there not a hole worn in that drum yet?) Democracy Now


MetalGoddess said...

Yeah, heaven forbid the President spends money in other areas that might actually benefit the citizens of this country. Wars are not fought for freedom. I guess those two goofs think everyone falls for that stupid line.

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