Friday, January 13, 2012

Chunky Mark on David Camerface

My original intention was to concentrate on choosing the clips of Mark McGowan (chunkymark) that centered around Mark's infatuation with our esteemed Prime Minister, David Cameron; henceforth to be known as Camerface.

But in deference to the multi-national cultures of those that visit here, I thought it might be a tad prudent to introduce you, the visitor, to some of Mark's less emotional diatribes first, before moving on to Mark's seemingly pet subject, David Camerface.

David Camerface a la Martin Rowson

And Mark McGowan isn't all rant, seems he's quite the activist as well. I think I shall have a wander though the rest of his vids, 861 of them, and see if I can find enough to make up a post featuring those. But I don't know yet if it will include his ''Ballerina Pig,'' performed outside Scotland Yard.


Anonymous said...

Norwegian PM works as taxi driver

Himself said...

Chuckle. Good for him, nicely played, and not a bad bit of politicking.

Staying with Norway.

Upon receiving the signatures, Asle Toje, Research Director of the Norwegian Nobel Committee said that though it was not "unprecedented" to receive a "large volume of supporting material for a candidate," it "will neither help nor hinder his candidacy."

it "will neither help nor hinder his candidacy."

The video was quite reasonable I thought.

Anonymous said...

Anders Christensen

(...) And why do you think the Nobel Peace Prize Committee will even consider Manning? The Committee is highly political, although not officially. It consists of retired Norwegian politicians. The outer-right fraction will block any prize that they feel would undermine the USA, and the left-fraction will block any prize to right-wing neocons. Thus, Carter, Gore and Obama are the compromises they've come up with with respect to Americans. (...)