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Rupert Murdoch Hacks By Appointment

Update below.

I'll say one thing for the Digger, he don't do things by halves.

Gordon Brown's Downing Street emails 'hacked'

Computer crime by press may be as widespread as phone scandal
James Cusick & Cahal Milmo

Police investigating computer hacking by private investigators commissioned by national newspapers have uncovered evidence that emails sent and received by Gordon Brown during his time as Chancellor were illegally accessed.

Mr Brown's private communications, along with emails belonging to a former Labour adviser and lobbyist, Derek Draper, have been identified by Scotland Yard's Operation Tuleta team as potentially hacked material. They are currently looking at evidence from around 20 computers which hold data revealing that hundreds of individuals may have had their private emails hacked.

The links discovered from the seized computers suggest that the email investigation could involve as many victims as those involved in the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

The eight-strong Tuleta team is looking at the possibility that several Fleet Street titles commissioned specialist private detectives to access computers. News International said yesterday that NI has "no alleged link" to Gordon Brown and Derek Draper.

A source with knowledge of the contents of some of the computers seized from private investigators told The Independent that analysis of a portion of the hundreds of thousands of messages found on the machines showed that Mr Brown and Mr Draper were targeted while the former prime minister was Chancellor of the Exchequer. The period includes potentially sensitive episodes in the difficult relationship between Mr Brown and Tony Blair.

One of Mr Brown's former cabinet colleagues, Peter Hain, has confirmed that he held discussions with police officers investigating the potential hacking of his computers during the period when he was Northern Ireland Secretary.

The period discussed with Mr Hain, from 2005 to 2007, overlaps with the period Operation Tuleta are looking at in connection with the Brown-Draper emails. Scotland Yard last night declined to discuss its inquiry into the electronic eavesdropping. A spokesman said: "We are not prepared to give a running commentary on an ongoing investigation."

NI's chief executive, Tom Mockridge, said his company had been advised that Mr Hain's computer equipment "was not and has not been the subject of an investigation by Operation Tuleta" and that there was "no belief or suspicion that this equipment was hacked".

Mr Hain, however, said he had met with the head of Operation Tuleta, Detective Inspector Noel Beswick, and discussed the hacking of three of his computers: two issued by the Northern Ireland Office, and a personally owned machine. The Tuleta team has also interviewed a former Army intelligence officer who has made a formal complaint that his computer was illegally accessed six years ago as part of a search for documents associated with the province's Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuinness.

Mr Brown has previously accused News International of accessing parts of his private life including his bank accounts. He said he "could not understand " why he had the protection and defences of a chancellor or prime minister, and yet remained vulnerable to "unlawful or unscrupulous tactics".

Earlier this year Mr Brown sent Scotland Yard tape recordings which he claimed challenged NI assurances that The Sunday Times had broken no laws when it investigated his personal financial affairs. He told Sue Akers – the Met's Deputy Assistant Commissioner who is leading the phone-hacking and email-hacking investigations along with Operation Elveden, into corrupt payments to police officers – that three senior Sunday Times journalists, whom he named, were aware of the "blagging" techniques used to access his personal details. more

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If you want to see how it works, Google judith miller+scooter libby


SteelMagnolia said...

Searching for dirt on Gordon Brown. Allegations that he is a paedophile are all over the Internet.Nonsense I am sure.

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Himself said...

Judges, pols and police, all seem to be at the top of the peado food chain.

The protection of the McCann?

The paedo stuff is bad, yes, but what I find more disturbing is the likes of La Brooks and Murdoch having access to 'proper issues of national security and then utilising that knowledge any way they seem fit.

Talk about power in the wrong hands!

And this Leveson thing is a complete red herring and a bollocks. They should be addressing the proper issues, not Hugh fucking Grant, and Gerry we didn't drug our kids McCann.

My colleague should be sat where Leveson is, you know the one, the one that knows how to use a spoon.

SteelMagnolia said...

An image you must use at sometime, the irony, Brooks lives near Hackers Lane.

Freud communications have their boots well under the bed as far as the NHS is concerned. As taxi driver said , they are all Cameron's mates.

SteelMagnolia said...

Did you ever see this when The Sun was hacked...?

Murdoch is evil and will be glad to hear this news as fact.

SteelMagnolia said...

Murdoch's quite happy for everyone to stay focused on hacking there are much bigger things going on.

Daniel Morgan was about to expose drug trafficking and murdered for it by the MET as you are aware , another blog claims he was also about to expose paedophilia but the blog has nothing to back it up and Alastair said he had not heard this. Ian Hurst said the coruption goes right to the top of the tree.

Then there was the big scandal in 1964 when your Digby Bamford took his life...Murdoch loves to destroy people.

There is someone on Facebook who has covered all the CIA connections at this time with Murdoch and thats how he made his money.. when I find the link will post .

Later, I am covered in pink paint....don't ask LOL

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Thank you.

How cosy.

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Himself said...

Embedded thank you.

Himself said...



10 July 2008
Gordon Brown hosts a reception for a Sun backed Police Bravery Awards ceremony

17 July 2009
Gordon Brown hosts a Sun backed Police Bravery Awards ceremony - Sarah Brown presents the 'top award'.

Sponsored by the Sun, hence:

The McCann Connection: Now I See

Thank you.

Himself said...

Lol, saved.