Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Environmental Protection Agency Link Water Contamination to Fracking For The First Time

A small step in the right direction I suppose, this bit caught my eye though.

A spokesman for EnCana, Doug Hock, denied that the company’s actions were to blame for the pollution and suggested it was naturally caused.

“Nothing EPA presented suggests anything has changed since August of last year– the science remains inconclusive in terms of data, impact, and source,”

The science remains inconclusive, the same way it remains inconclusive for global warming, the age of the earth, evolution, and whether or not, Jesus rode on dinosaurs. Oh, and that coal dust and black lung are unrelated,(1) we might as well throw that one in for good measure.

The science remains inconclusive, Yes indeed, tell that to the poor schmucks of Eastern Appalachia, or anybody that ever watched Gaslands,(2) or any other program on fracking for that matter.

Feds Link Water Contamination to Fracking for the First Time

The agency's findings could be a turning point in the heated national debate about fracking.
December 11, 2011

In a first, federal environment officials today scientifically linked underground water pollution with hydraulic fracturing, concluding that contaminants found in central Wyoming were likely caused by the gas drilling process.

The findings by the Environmental Protection Agency come partway through a separate national study by the agency to determine whether fracking presents a risk to water resources. more

(1) Watch trailer for Harlan County USA.

(2) Watch trailer for Gaslands


atlantima said...

The flaming water has nothing to do with any hydraulic fracturing being done. This phenomenon will occur with any water well that drills into a natural gas deposit and isn't properly vented.


Anonymous said...

Americans protest against fracking