Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cameron: Convenient Christian

Aye, I've come across one or two of those in my time, some quite recently in fact.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Christianity deserves better worshippers

Too many are like Cameron, part-time Christians of convenience who use religion as a weapon
26 December 2011

When politicians grab and wave the chalice of religion, they tarnish its beauty and purpose, turning its gold to nickel. Or let me put it another way. They sully and invade the privacy of faith and misuse God for propaganda and political games. The master of this dark art was the Ayatollah Khomeini, who swept into power in Iran in 1979. His political takeover was disguised as religious salvation and we know what happened next.

Saudi Arabia is the most loathsome, extreme theocratic state. In India, the Hindu fundamentalist BJP party has successfully sold itself to countless supporters and the apartheid regime in South Africa cited the Bible to justify its racism. Nearer home, Tony Blair called upon his Catholic deity to vouch for his motives when accused of lying about Iraq. The Pope gave him special blessings. These are the more dramatic examples of politicking with God. Just as common and corrosive is the everyday manipulation of religion by politicians.

Recently, David Cameron did just that. The state should be secular, religiously neutral. Yet our PM, once a spin doctor, appropriated divinity efficiently and timed his message precisely. He chose this season of peace and goodwill to rouse muscular, Anglican jingoism, partly to pick a fight again with "multiculturalism" but mostly, I think, to cleanse the many sins of his government. This is a Christian country, with Christian values, he decreed, and "we should not be afraid to say so". Only it isn't. When you consider our domestic and foreign policy or how people behave, Britain cannot be called Christian. And I wish it was. Truly I do, even though I am a Muslim. For at its best, Christianity is one of the world's most humane and tender of religions and deserves a better class of worshipper than many of those who lay claim to it. blah blah


Anonymous said...


Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Men still rule from the bedroom to the boardroom.

"It is really hard to be a woman and, trust me, a Stella McCartney floral-printed bustier with matching briefs (£130) won't make it all go away."

What is wrong with this woman?

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Read the daily mail (I do it in preference to self flagellation)

Religion as a weapon. http://bit.ly/s6UeJy

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Brilliant! There has to be a post in that one.

I'm just this minute home, but something in the memory box has an inkling of deja vous, I will have to let it simmer a spell.

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I'm a bit distracted at the moment, I have just discovered that BT has been overcharging me no small amount, I'm talking not tens, but hundreds of pounds over the year. Last year?

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