Wednesday, December 21, 2011

''Lack of Geographical Awareness''

I never intended that it would become a post, it was just a little something I saved in order that I might pass it on to a reader. Until that is, remembering the existence of a video clip, that one could only describe as being made for the job, custom made if you will.

Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, in conversation with talking head and Korea wonk, Christine Ahn, on the subject (24m30s mark) of the recent demise of the Dear Leader.

....Christine Ahn, if you could continue with this history lesson that Professor Chung-in Moon began for us, especially for people here in the United States. You know the lack of geographical awareness of people here. We live in an insulated world—a globalized world, but we’re very insulated in the United States. What do you feel it’s most important to understand about North Korea in a global context?

By some strange coincidence, our featured clip, does in parts, feature the peninsular, sorry, the Island of Korea.

So without further ado; drive on!

Not forgetting of course, to strap in before doing so.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the young and "not able to study" people can be forgiven, but some elderly people are quite shocking.

Q: "What are Hiroshima and Nagasaki famous for?"
A: "Judo-wrestling".

Although, the question is a bit misleading, "famous"?

And this one: "Al-Qaeda is a wing of the Masonic Order".

It would be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

"Killed for our benefit, or more accurately our collective delusion we are in a 'war'." (Jeff Gibbs)

Himself said...

George Carlin, education. 80 seconds

Anonymous said...

Infamous Anniversaries

6 and 9 August 1945
Hiroshima / Nagasaki

Anonymous said...

The Czech Republic and Chechnya are two very different entities - the Czech Republic is a Central European country; Chechnya is a part of the Russian Federation.

Statement of the Ambassador of the Czech Republic on the Boston terrorist attack

Himself said...

Brilliant find Maren, I know just the lad for this one, my friend Lars.

Anonymous said...

BabyGirlGoddess, lack of linguistic awareness or is she referring to Abu Sa'ied (0:34)?

Anonymous said...

dutch is an ugly language my god

The face covered woman is speaking (and interviewed in) Arabic.
Only Abu Sa’ied is speaking Dutch. Also, the yellow protest signs (0:47) are written in Dutch. So much for integration.