Monday, December 05, 2011

'Enter Network Password' a Tale of Woe TeamViewer a Review

If you have the smarts, then I suppose there is a good chance that you can fix it yourself.

If you haven't the smarts and are possessed of 'loads o' money' you can wander down to the fix it shop.

If you haven't the smarts and you ain't got 'loads o' money' then I guess you're pretty well fucked.

But if like me, you haven't the smarts but you have your own geek, then you fall into the category of 'fortunate.' But more often than not, the fortunate part of it is only half the story, because invariably the 'fortunate' is accompanied by 'a pain in the fucking arse' label, well if you're the geek it does.

For longer than I want to admit to, I, along with 29,800,000 others, if Google is to be believed, and I can well believe it, have had a thorn in my side in the shape of 'Enter Network Password.'

For those unfamiliar with this little phrase, I can only say, keep on sacrificing the goats/sheep/your first born, or whatever else it is you offer up to your particular brand of punitive deity, for you are truly most blessed.

But if like myself, you belong to the exclusive little club, the one that boasts a mere 29,800,000 members, then I hardly need to reiterate, what you as members of our exclusive group exclaim every, half hour/minute/ten seconds, when Outlook, in all its repetitive impersonal electronic stupidity, flashes upon the screens of we, exclusive but unfortunate souls, 'Enter Network Password.''

As I say, for fellow members, 29,800,000, of our club, reiteration is totally unnecessary, but for you fortunates, albeit now beggared of a goat/sheep/first born, the words are thus: For fuck's sake, WILL YOU FUCKING STOP!

Surely, cease and desist is not too much to ask, after all, I only want to receive my emails without seeing every ten seconds, the words already etched in my eyeballs, Enter Network Password?

Just as there are 29,800,000 members in our club, not unsurprisingly there are slightly more in number, proposed remedies. None of them being of the slightest bit of use, well none of the simpler solutions at least. Leaving then, the technical fixes, about 15,00,000 of them, all requiring, at the barest minimum, the mathematical intellect of Einstein and a first in computeronics.

Having by now, spent as much time searching for a solution as the time spent entering network password, this particular club member, having gathered together an eclectic bunch of possible fixes, duly pasted them into an email and despatched to a certain person, a dozen or so miles down the road.

Chapter two: Enter the Geek.

Enter the geek and a little piece of software, Teamviewer, to be more precise.

What one has to bear in mind at this juncture, is the aforementioned status of, pain in the arse, (me) and the more recently mentioned dozen miles or so.

TeamViewer, the one to one, free issue for none commercial use, is a most remarkable piece of kit inasmuch that it takes much of the pain out of the arse of the long suffering geek, and reduces travelling time and mileage down to the extremely acceptable level of none at all.

A minute in its downloading, TeamViewer allows my geek, on a one time only basis, to access my PC and fiddle about, as in the case of yesterday, in the Register, not a place any of us should play about in if we don't know what we are doing, I really have to stress.

I say on a one off basis, because TeamViewer generates a new unique password each and every time you call up the program. The password is then passed on to the other party (the geek) and he can fiddle away to his heart's content in your PC without leaving the comfort of his chair. Just as easily, you can follow in real time, the track he takes in trying to fix the problem, from the equal comfort of your own chair.

All in all, quite a handy and impressive bit of kit, whose applications must be manifold, particularly the professional issue. But, as on this occasion, the freebie does the job more than adequately.

Has my problem been solved? Not quite as yet, but I am down to five prompts in the last twenty four hours instead of the usual five hundred.

For my fellow club members, please rest assured that I shall publish the solution as soon as I can be sure that the end fix is total and permanent.

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