Monday, December 19, 2011

Deep Issues with Bradley Manning Defense

I don't no what to make of it, but I cannot help but wonder, no matter the reason, why Manning would voluntarily put himself into an environment that was so utterly alien to every thing he was.

Update below, Democracy Now.

Deep Issues with Bradley Manning Defense

This is a slightly updated version of a diary I posted yesterday, but would like to republish now, as Sunday is not a great time to post. I think the issue merits the attention. If this kind of republish is a problem, please inform me and I will take it down.

Fellow Kossack Horace Boothroyd III, who is always there with some of the latest and greatest news, just published an informative piece entitled: Bradley Manning Defensewhich I found very thought provoking, because it looks as though both the prosecution and defense may have strong motivations for a trial that overlooks the actual moral and legal issues that must be tested.

The key is vested interest: that of the Army, that of the policymakers on whom the Army depends for funding, and that of the defense team.

I would like repost the diary (I have Horace's permission) and my response to it below, because I think Horace has revealed some very serious issues. I'm not sure about the exact protocol for this, so if there is any reason not to repost, I will remove it.

From the initial post:

Fort George G. Meade, Maryland (CNN) -- Defense lawyers for an Army private accused in the biggest intelligence leak in U.S. history brought up Saturday a purported female alter ego of Bradley Manning's as they seek to establish his state of mind at the time of the alleged crimes.

On one hand my initial reaction is distaste.

But if I look deeper there is more going on.

One of the things I've learned is if someone is unfamiliar with Transgender people their first reaction is to not trust us. I have had this explained to me by authority figures such as the police as this:

You are "lying" to us about your gender so what is to keep you from lying about everything else?

Even before transition I would regularly pass so I've experienced this while I hadn't even transitioned. I crossed gender boundaries. As does Bradley Manning in his voice pitch and mannerisms.

In my case my reaction was to become hyper honest. As to prove at least to myself that I was honest. It made the hurt of mistrust somehow sting less.

So this is one of the things Bradly Manning is being charged with revealing. Something that embarrasses this government not because it clearly shows a broken military that are no better than armed thugs. But because now others have proof that our military is broken and has no control of their soldiers once they leave base. more

Bradley Manning Hearing: Alleged WikiLeaks Whistleblower in Military Court, 19 Months After Arrest. Democracy Now

Bradley Manning Faces Life Sentence, While Criminals WikiLeaks Exposed Have Suffered No Consequences–Glenn Greenwald Democracy Now

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