Sunday, December 04, 2011

Atheist Billboards Ohio

Even though I is one, I do find atheists quite boring at times. They are always taking about God for Christ's sake!

And those that write about it, should learn how to write. Two Shocking Attacks on Atheism

2 Shocking Attacks on Atheism -- And How Atheists Fought Back

In the last few years atheists have become seriously organized, mobilized, visible, vocal and unapologetic about their atheism.
December 1, 2011

If there are just two things you take away from this story, they should be:

Anti-atheist bigotry and discrimination, of a completely overt, very ugly kind, is real.
Atheists are no longer putting up with it. If you fuck with them, they will fuck with you right back. And they know how to do it.

Two recent events in the news illustrate this bigotry vividly. In the first, a billboard company in Ohio rejected an atheist billboard campaign -- at the last minute, the week before the billboards were scheduled to go up, after weeks of extensive discussion and planning with no hint of trouble -- because the atheist content was deemed "obscene, unnecessarily offensive and/or not in the best interests of the community at large."

In the second story, a local merchant near an atheist conference put a sign on his shop door, explicitly saying that conference attendees were not welcome in his Christian business. And he got a faceful of Internet fury for his trouble. blah blah


Anonymous said...

Good Sunday

Interesting conversation, an interminable chain.

I think people like her (including myself) have been lucky. Religion didn't do us – and the ones we love – harm. Experience is the best teacher. In addition, activism concerning theism is not everyone’s ability, vocation or profession. Logic, we don’t call ourselves atheists. Can’t have it all.

I believe, so long as there are men and women, there will be religion, in any shape or form. Religion is a hobby, politics is a vocation and a profession.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Oh, the irony.

It’s raining, time for housework.

Your secular woman.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile the discussion continues

and so does cruelty, injustice and intolerance.

Oh, those cultural differences.

Himself said...

Oh, those cultural differences. Indeed.

And labels, don't forget the labels.

Just your cup of tea. Smiley face, with wink.

Anonymous said...

Oh, those labels.

Smiley face, with asterisk. M

Himself said...

From the article:

Atheism is a by-product of my other thoughts and beliefs.

Anonymous said...

On the right track.
16 December 2012 14:16

Anonymous said...

The house band played Cat Stevens.