Sunday, December 04, 2011

“Senior British Intelligence officers on the payroll of News International”

“Senior British Intelligence officers on the payroll of News International”

In the fierce heat of the Hackgate firestorm in July this year, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg took to Sky News to air his views on News International.

His most damning statement was “The Leveson Inquiry should investigate senior British Intelligence officers on the payroll of News International.” It was a devastating revelation.

The Oxbridge criminals and Eton mafia who run MI5 and MI6 had not seen it coming, just like 7/7, and it blew up in their faces. Behind the scenes, MI5 Director General Jonathan Evans pulled strings to ensure Clegg did not drop the bombshell again.

The spooks were deeply rattled. Exposure means the end of milking the taxpayer dry. And the thought of a criminal investigation into their innumerable crimes, too much to contemplate.

They did not need to worry. MI5 have primacy over the police and the plods would do as ordered and turn blind eyes. Special Branch units would ensure blind obedience and any dissident would be persuaded otherwise.

The main problem was Nick Clegg. Would he keep stumb?

Since his petulant ‘outburst’ on Sky News in July in the eye of the storm, Clegg has kept his mouth shut on the foregoing. No more allegations of corruption or treason inside MI5 and MI6.

The Oxbridge crooks must have hoped no one noticed what Clegg said but I was on the matter immediately. I spread the good news through Facebook and Twitter. The damage was done.

Of course, the spooks have been trying to silence me for several years and have not succeeded just yet. Perhaps a prosecution for Income Tax evasion, their usual dirty trick, would do the job? Not convinced? I am assured it is already in the pipeline…

Which begs the question why anyone would want to pay ‘taxes’ to finance an organised criminal gang?

And Clegg of course has kept his big mouth shut since July. Having asked him to explain his statement several times, Clegg has ignored the questions and tried to pretend his ‘outburst’ never happened.

Poor Clegg must bitterly regret speaking the truth because politicians rarely do and dropping the spooks in the stinking cesspit that is Hackgate, is intolerable for the rotten Establishment.

Judge Leveson refuses to ‘investigate’ the allegation by Clegg and will not allow the issue to be dealt with even in camera. Another tame little judge… more News Alliance UK

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