Sunday, December 04, 2011

The Daily Mail and The Queen's New Boat

I only went in search of a link to add to the post above this one, to epitomise just how far out of touch the Mail is in this relatively austere twenty first century. Not to mention the mood of us plebeians concerning the one percent, and let's face it, there is no one represents the one percent more than hangers on extraordinaire, the Windsors.

Yet in spite of the economic and political climate, the Mail, with all the judgement of Icarus, and with all the sycophancy of Uriah Heap, are trying to tell us that unless Liz gets a new boat, we can never aspire to seeing the Great put back in Britain.

And talking of sycophants, fuck me! will you get a load of this geezer.

Why we need a 21st-century Britannia fit for a Queen!

.....If we can’t afford aircraft carriers, some will say, then what are we doing even considering a Royal Yacht? But then, let us think again. To start with, let us imagine this is not built with taxpayers’ money, but donations from business and the public. Then, let us envisage something that does not resemble an oligarch’s floating fun platform, something without gold taps, Jacuzzis and waterbeds.

In fact, let us think of something that is not a ‘yacht’ in the sense of a pleasure boat at all.

Think, instead, of a national flagship with a national purpose — diplomacy, trade promotion, education and scientific research. It would need accommodation fit for a head of state, of course. And it would need to encapsulate the best of Britain — and the Commonwealth — in every aspect of its design. blah blah fucking blah!


Anonymous said...

Hello H, no Royal Mail yet?

Himself said...

No Chuck, nothing as yet. Will feel much better when it lands, then I know I'm clear.