Tuesday, December 06, 2011

So Effectively The Portuguese Are Saying Scotland Yard's Investigation Is a Crock

Now there's a surprise for you. Whodathunkit?

Oh lovely Theresa Theresa May what are you getting yourself into?

I did try to warn you!

Maddie: Attorney General's Office not part of new investigations
by Paula Oliveira
6 December 2011

The English police is investigating the disappearance of Maddie McCann without the assistance of Portuguese authorities. This information has been confirmed to TVI24 by the [Portuguese] Republic's Attorney General.

Three Scotland Yard investigators were in Barcelona between the 23rd and the 25th of November, following leads in the disappearance of the English child that disappeared from an apartment in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, in 2007. The presence of investigators in Spain may indicate that the child was taken across the border. But the Scotland Yard did not contact the Portuguese investigators.

The Scotland Yard did not have any contact with the Attorney General's Office about that issue. In the process, there is no knowledge of the existence of any new data/facts about Maddie's disappearance. The process will only be reopened under the regulations of article 279 of the Penal Process Code, which is to say, if any new elements appear that invalidate the basis for the archiving, the Attorney General's Office states in a written reply to TVI24.

The case was archived by the Attorney General's Office. Approximately one year ago, Pinto Monteiro [the Attorney General] asserted that he would only reopen it if new data appeared.

In May last year, the Scotland Yard reopened the process after the personal intervention of the United Kingdom's prime minister, David Cameron.

It is not known whether the British investigators have discovered any new fact that the Portuguese police failed to notice.

In August this year, the Scotland Yard confirmed to [Portuguese news] agency Lusa that they traveled to Portugal in order to discuss the Maddie case with Portuguese investigators. At that time, the Judiciary Police (PJ) and the Attorney General said they did not know about that information. Joana Morais


Anonymous said...

White Wash dog shampoo - not for pussys.

Wet dog with warm water, rub in from the neck down, for best results leave lather on coat for approximately 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly with clean warm water (Repeat if necessary). Dry with a towel or hair dryer. Avoid contact with eyes, ears, nose and other sensitive areas. If this occurs rinse with water. http://bit.ly/sq7751

And yes, normally dogs have four legs.


Eddie and Keela

Himself said...

Lol, perhaps it should be re-branded, Dot Gov.



Anonymous said...

The whole case stinks to high heaven...................... FFS


Himself said...

(Not you) I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.

When all around were getting giddy over SY's involvement, I think again I was a lone voice in saying it was all an absolute waste of time.

A tweet yesterday from Win.


'Redwood ...has regular contact with the girl's parents.'

FFS, as you say.

Anonymous said...

Life is hard, when the remaining children are not retarded.

Anonymous said...

The McCanns more confident than ever of whitewash. tgr.ph/JTqRHH

Himself said...


Himself said...

The newspapers don't do themselves any favours do they?

Keep printing the tripe that nobody believes a word of.

It's bad enough with the likes of the Mail, but when the broadsheets do it as well.......

Anonymous said...

Claims by a Portuguese woman who had a "sixth sense" she had been taken by a dangerous man living nearby – really an ex-boyfriend she was trying to frame.

A Dutch voodoo priest’s claim he had a psychic vision of where Madeleine was buried. He confessed it had happened after he’d drunk two bottles of white rum.

An Italian psychic said Maddie had been taken to England by a woman dominated by her tattooed husband.

A Spanish psychic claimed she had a vision the missing girl had been killed by a gardener and buried in a flowerbed with three other children.

6 March 2010


It's unusual but not completely rare.

Himself said...

As a rule I have a vague idea of what I have posted in the past, and I know I have previously done other gypsy posts, but that one was like a revelation to me. I may tweet it though whilst it is topical.

By the by:

"No bollocks without knackers." Don't even try, if you don't understand it.

'Bollocks' we have already added to your vocabulary, but a knacker is another slang term for a testicle, but also, a knacker is exclusively Irish slang for a gypsy.

All a little (esoteric) play on words dontchaknow.

Anonymous said...

Mankind is a bollocks - a dentist

Anonymous said...

For the archives, on the same page, on Remembrance Day, as it happens.


Anonymous said...

Have you read Johanna's 195 New Leads "press release"? Well that is worth reading. I have e-mailed it to every newspaper in the UK and Portugal not forgetting Scotland Yard and the PJ...


Himself said...

Noted,for the archives, thank you.

Himself said...

I have e-mailed it to every newspaper in the UK and Portugal not forgetting Scotland Yard and the PJ...

Good for you, I did send @metpoliceuk a direct tweet.

Anonymous said...

Miscarriage of Justice?

Himself said...

Another one!

I keep getting emails from I don't know who, do I wish to start a forum?

Like I want to adopt children.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Out damn spot!

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Thanks Chuck.

I hope it means something, and they're not just going through the motions.

Anonymous said...

2 May 2012

The Portuguese attorney-general's office says the case will stay closed, unless there are credible new facts.


There are no credible new facts unless they found the body.

An impasse.

Money can buy ?

Anonymous said...

26 April 2012

Det Ch Insp Andy Redwood, who is leading the UK review, told the BBC's Panorama his team were "seeking to bring closure to the case".

Seeking to bring closure to the case.

195 "investigative opportunities"

No doubt. Nothing to do with Madeleine McCann, just used as a point of departure.


Jun 16, 2007

John McCann, Madeleine’s uncle, said: "We are at the stage where we’re feeling comfortable about broadening the issue. Criminal abductions of children are happening fairly regularly across the world. It’s horrible. It’s a political issue that’s low on the agenda but should be higher."



Twins absolutely brilliant - Gerry McCann

2 May 2012

Speaking about the Portuguese authorities' apparent reluctance to restart their investigation, Mr McCann said: "The only way everyone will be able to move on is for the case to be solved, and that is for Madeleine to be found and the perpetrators brought to justice.

"Until then it's not going to go away. It can't go away."

Agreed, it can’t go away.


Anonymous said...

"Maddie cops" and "a source"


Himself said...


And that's all it is, I'm still not convinced it's anything positive.

There have been too many false hopes for justice over the years.

Himself said...


Low key, what what?

Hedging their bets?

Anonymous said...

Good evening H

I agree, that's all it is.

Nobody won, nobody lost. But...

There are certain times when public opinion is the worst of all opinions. - Nicolas Chamfort

Let's sleep on it. M

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Not a bad way to start the day, thanks Chuck.

Anonymous said...

@23 January 2013 22:14


Who knows.

Anonymous said...


3:55am on Sunday, 28th April 2013

I'd be delighted to see a press conference, and a full account of why this money is being spent on one missing child. What new evidence has come to light, and why is the taxpayer footing the bill anyway? The family is still asking for further funding, but no progress after six years and no clear idea of how money is spent?

11:43am on Sunday, 28th April 2013

Its time this charade was brought to a close, the parents were responsible for the lose of this child, no matter what anyone says, the British public know this and as nothing has been said about their neglect it is time to end the publics involvement and let them get on with their lives.

Meanwhile, comments whooshed, replaced by Sorry, we are unable to accept comments about this article at the moment.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

A simple enough question.

Anonymous said...

Yup, there's no need for SY to spend £5mn. They just need mandated access to Madeleine #McCann 's medical records.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Behind the scenes.



Himself said...

Don't run, don't run. yeah right.

I shall go now and search youtube to see if a recent BBC program on Alaskan Grizzlies has been upped.

There are a couple of parts in it that knock your socks off. And on a subject that is as bizarre as any you would find in humans; sexual psychosis.

Although it wasn't named as such, the bear's behaviour (two) demonstrated it.

Check back in a while, but I will tweet the result.

Himself said...

Right so, as the Paddies would say.

The bit we want is all on episode one, unfortunately not on youtube, but I have tracked it down.

I would recommend watching the whole thing, simply because it is most watchable. And not only that, you get to know the characters of the bears so much better.

However, if you don’t want to do that, push the first video on to 45mins and watch it to the end. And you won’t need me to tell you which are the topical parts.

DO NOT download plug,-in just close the window.

If you struggle with part one for any reason, what you are looking for is:

great bear stakeout season 1 episode 1


Episode two, youtube.



Anonymous said...

Great bear stakeout.

Himself said...

Man survives bear attack by climbing tree, ‘stomping’ on claws http://cbc.sh/A2jL7rg

See you later, Ma'ma today.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Himself said...


I had to bite my tongue in the early hours, I had a look at Grace's timeline.

Perhaps it was just as well that I was too fucked to add comment.

Tha knows?

Himself said...

It doesn't bear thinking about.

Did you watch Alice, the psychotic bear yet?

Anonymous said...

Good morning H

Yes I did. Thanks for the link.
Super Silver.

Body language.


Himself said...

This was on the screen after Van.

I used to be crazy, but I'm OK now. -David Icke 14/3/13

Or words to that effect.


Anonymous said...


Himself said...


Anonymous said...

Jerry Lawton

Outside court Amaral's lawyer says #McCann should be suing `Portuguese state' not detective as the `state decided to close the case'


Anonymous said...



Wake up and smell the coffee!


17 June 2007

The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police - Bernard Hogan Howe will lead the release of balloons on the highest point of Liverpool inner city on Mossley Hill Field at 1400 BST.

Himself said...

Funny that; how two people look at the same thing. One sees apples and the other sees shells.

I shall remind whatsherface of Hogan_Howe.

Anonymous said...


Mystery Briton even posed in clothes he wore that night to prove innocence.

Little girl had distinctive frilly pyjamas that he also brought to Scotland Yard.

I am in favour of frugality, but, more than six years later, the same pyjamas and the same clothes?

Colour safe washing powder, I suppose.

Anonymous said...

guerra said...

"In October of last year the Portuguese media reported that the case would be reopened. It reported that a new team of investigators would be formed in the Algarve and that inspector Helena Monteiro and her 4 officers from Porto, who had been asked to review the case, would stay on and be part of the investigation. Of course it was reiterated that the PJ didn't consider the McCanns suspects and it was even reported that the couple would be given some type of special status making them assistants to the investigative process.

For those who understand Portuguese

I strongly believe that nothing is being done to solve this case. All the flurry of activity that we have been witnessing was planned to coincide with the libel trial against Mr. Amaral. This case is political."


Himself said...

When she gets it right, particularly on the McCann's behavioural patterns etc, she's fairly spot on.

But that alone, isn't reason enough to endear me to the woman.

I have read Pat Brown on some of her other topics, some quite telling, and in keeping with my assessment of the woman, a typical (self serving)right-wing (
I beg to differ and I do so as a conservative
Yanky gobshite. (Suing McCann for libel from the USA)

Not to mention moralistic. (prurient)


Six years after the event, not much analysing going on here. The brown men did it.


The only concession I might make, is that it is probably a bad career to question the events of 9/11.

Or on the other hand, I could ask the question, is she just another dumb fucking Yank?

But she is evidently, a patriot. And you know what we think about those.

It is up to us to see that our representatives conduct themselves with honor, integrity, and decency on behalf of our beloved America. We the People have our work cut out for us, and because I love my country so deeply, I will continue to question my government and its actions. It is the least I can do.

But not too closely.

All the above of course, written by guest author, Donna Weaver.

And we can only assume, endorsed by Pat Brown.

Like I said, a touch to the right. Just a touch mind you.


So all in all, not my cup of tea lass.

Anonymous said...

From Twitter:

Although my point of view is unpopular with many, I do question the motives of these so-called American criminal profilers.

So do I.

Himself said...

Yes, me three.

There's little wonder I'm out in the cold, is there?

Redwood and the Met > not impressed

Pat Brown > not impressed

Bennett > I won't even go there

Mind you, it not the first time. I was a voice in the wilderness when this story broke and all the wonks saw it as the "tide is turning."


Prompting me to express this opinion:


Which subsequently, spawned this graphic:


And I won't even mention redwood and his cunning ploy to entrap the McCann's.

People can be so fucking dumb Maren, when they want something badly enough.

Yes I will mention Bennett, because I thoroughly endorsed (via twitter)Blacksmith when he wrote this.


New article, unread as yet.


So all in all, I'm heartbroken I tell ye.

Mothers shortly.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Good morning Maren; tweeted to Mr Puddick.

AS I type, a most unusual occurrence outside my window, little waves breaking over the sea wall.

Quite rare really, given the beach is so big, flat and shallow.(Dissipates the energy) To say nothing of the wind and tide being just right.

I was just looking for a suitable photo, but I came across this>


It's a funny old world I tell ye.

Ah ah.


Anonymous said...

Thank you H, that’s a fascinating photo.

Beautiful Lancashire indeed though somewhat dangerous on occasion I understand. It’s a nostalgic world I tell ye M.

By return, not outside my window but close. http://bit.ly/1dl2nke

Himself said...

That looks like my kind of place. Other than my ideal home, a lighthouse in ten acres.

Not many of those about chuck.

I know you have told me previously, but what area are you in Maren?

Lancashire, no greater or lesser danger than anywhere else I don't suppose. Morecambe Bay certainly is, particularly if you don't know what you doing.


Morecambe Bay - The Killer Tide


England, Quicksands, Morecambe Bay


Morecambe Prom 5-12-13

This above, reminds me of a time I was coming back from the north with my daughter, many years ago, and detoured through Morecambe.

What you must remember here, is that Morecambe is a run down, has been, sort of a place.

As I say, a similar sort of a day, only accompanied by lashing rain. The promenade was like a ghost town, but a sandwich board outside one of the smaller seafront hotels, proclaimed, that there were "Still a Few Rooms Available"

And given that daughter and I share the same sense of humour, needless to say, we fell about laughing. Well, as much as you can in a car.


Cedric Robinson: Morecambe Bay Queen's Guide


A more benign Morecambe Bay


A look at the iconic art deco Midland Hotel (Morecambe's only saving grace. I took afternoon tea there with Mother last year.)


Panoramic View of the Morecambe Sea Front (1901)

Anonymous said...

Area, central Netherlands, in the province of Utrecht, woods and dunes within walking distance http://bit.ly/1apDh8T


0:17 and 4:00 I just think it’s a wonderful place.

Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

Something you won't see every day, stone coffins, Heysham. 2:20

It looks an idyllic little place doesn't it?

But unfortunately, the square blocks, 4:10 are a nuke reactor, and a lot closer to the village than the camera belies.

It's the same one that I look at, out of my front window.

But the ten or so miles distant that it is, is in nuclear terms, my back yard.


St Patrick's Chapel Heysham


Himself said...

On the same youtube page.

Non but the brave.


Or if you don't fancy that, this one is a bit more insightful.

As the man says, an exercise in courage.


My good buddy, Doc Moran, is by the way, the doctor on the helicopter.

Himself said...

It all looks quite pretty in general.


And quite interesting.


Not too sure about the Town Hall though.


Anonymous said...

I did recognise the stone coffins http://bit.ly/1fLVbjT but never thought about the situation they find themselves in. It’s also an educational world.

11:00 It’s like a monster you know, it’s bigger than the rest of us.
courageous woman

Hideous, I’m sure, and so are the related buildings.

the square blocks, 4:10 are a nuke reactor, doubly hideous.

We will cycle up and down wooded hills, won’t we.

Good night M

Himself said...


Well I'll be buggered! As they on occasion, here oop North.

and so are the related buildings

Just a tad lass, just a tad.



For the chop.

The original inhabitants of the area ,Queenstown, all lived in little two up two down (rooms) terraced houses.

What they must have thought, the inhabs, when the council cleared the area, built those monstrosities, and then stuck everybody in the sky, I don't know.

You couldn't get two ways of life, so diametrically opposite.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


April 5, 2007

Sep 30, 2007



Himself said...

Good morning me lovely, I'm listening to this as I write, from the same page.


Scotland Yard corruption police dealing drugs weapons, murder of Daniel Morgan 30Nov12

Published on 8 Jul 2013


Murder Inquiries
Four police inquiries into murder
On 10th March 1987, private investigator Daniel Morgan was brutally axed to death in the car park of a pub in Sydenham, south east London. During the first Met inquiry, three serving detectives were arrested on suspicion of involvement for the killing. One of these was actually a member of the squad investigating the murder. The two other officers later won damages as a result of their arrest.

At an inquest in April 1988, a bookkeeper employed by Daniel's company Southern Investigations alleged that Daniel's partner, Jonathan Rees, and Detective Sergeant Sid Fillery - a member of the murder squad -- had planned the contract murder. Bookkeeper Kevin Lennon also alleged that Fillery planned early retirement and would step into Daniel's shoes at Southern Investigations. By the time of the inquest, Fillery had already left the Police force and was working together with Rees. The inquest also heard allegations from other witnesses that Fillery had tampered with evidence and attempted to interfere with witnesses during the inquiry. Lennon made his statement seven months before the inquest. In the weeks before his murder Daniel Morgan had repeatedly expressed concerns over corrupt police officers in south London.

A complaint from the horrified family initiated an outside inquiry by Hampshire police in July 1988. Its terms of reference were to investigate "all aspects of police involvement arising from the death of Daniel Morgan". Unknown to Daniel's family, the remit of this inquiry was secretly changed at a high level meeting at Scotland Yard in December 1988. Hampshire police later charged Jonathan Rees and another civilian with the murder, but the case was dropped before trial. Hampshire later reported to the Police Complaints Authority that there was "no evidence whatsoever of police involvement in the murder".

Shocked by this conclusion, the family began lobbying MPs Chris Smith (Islington South & Finsbury) and Richard Livesey (Brecon & Radnor). The family and their MPs held a series of meetings with senior Scotland Yard officers culminated in a meeting with Met Commissioner Sir Paul Condon in November 1997. Condon promised to review the case.

Late in 1998 and without the knowledge of the Morgan family, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Roy Clark head of Scotland Yard's 'ghost squad' began a covert inquiry into the murder. This involved the bugging of Southern Investigations' offices in Thornton Heath. Only in July 1999 did the family learn of the inquiry through an article leaked by police to the Daily Telegraph. In December 2000, Jonathan Rees, Simon Jones and detective constable Austin Warnes were convicted of conspiring to plant cocaine on a woman in order to discredit her in a child custody battle. No one was charged with the murder of Daniel Morgan.

Troubled by the secrecy of this inquiry, the Morgan family demanded disclosure of the 1989 report from Hampshire police. DAC Roy Clark agreed to this, but the family rejected his draconian terms. First he requested that the family indemnify Hampshire police against civil action before reading the report. When this was rejected, he offered to read the 83 page report to the family but would allow them to take no notes or record. The family began litigation to force disclosure. In 2002 the Met began a fourth inquiry into the murder of Daniel Morgan and in September 2003 the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is experience. I have seen the inside of police cases, the inside of politics in police cases, and the inside of media. http://bit.ly/1mtONm5

I have seen the inside of authority (internal affairs) for many years. NL

USA anyone?

Himself said...

I have read her comments and were I to be honest, she has some valid arguments, but I think many of them are, and I can't think of the right word here, are based on scenarios that she assumes/presumes, will come to pass.

It's all down the the PJ at the end of the day. It's where they go with it that matters, not SY and whatever they decide to pull out of there arse.

But as she, and you, point out, it's the politics that will be a, if not the, defining factor in the outcome.

But that said, why did the PJ reopen the case? It wasn't to exonerate the McCanns, that's for sure.

At least I don't think it was; surely not.

I have seen the inside of authority (internal affairs) for many years. NL

Anonymous said...

Yes, some valid arguments, but as you say based on scenarios that she assumes/presumes, will come to pass. That’s the trouble with theories.

Internal affairs, former job. Every man may meet his match. That’s how it works. I know it does. Cover-ups as the end justifies the means or so they say. Not by definition a bad thing, but it surely is if it makes innocent victims.

Some known information.


On 12 May 2011 the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) announced that, at the request of the Home Secretary, it had agreed to bring its particular expertise to the Madeleine McCann case.

The then Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, considered the request and took the decision that on balance it was the right thing to do. This was subject to funding being made available by the Home Office, as this case is beyond the MPS's jurisdiction.

27 November 2012

24 OCTOBER 2013

That reanalysis task, which took place during the last two and a half years, helped identify new evidence, which by imposing further investigation, meet the requirements set by article 279º no 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure for the reopening of the investigation.

That "new evidence" is the elimination of Tannerman, I think. They were forced to do that due to the libel trial (book Amaral) which libel trial was a total failure for the McCanns.

9 OCTOBER 2013

Gonçalo Amaral's book “contained nothing new, nothing that it wasn't published before”

Then create something "new". Tanner and Carpenter shatter-proof and Amaral on the "wrong" track as Smithsman is only 60-80% Gerry McCann. Carrying style, pyjamas style, never heard of it. Walking in the wrong direction and "abductor’s" hairstyle doesn’t matter anymore as Tannerman and Smithsman are no longer the same person in spite of Kate McCann’s I am staggered by how alike they are, almost identical in parts. (p. 328, Madeleine by Kate McCann) and Gerry McCann’s an Irish family saw a man and they gave an almost identical description of the man and the child) impassioned attempts to suggest they were the same man, before the Tannerman elimination, that is.

Fortunately, they still had the E-fits; risky, but no conclusive evidence.

Between Scylla and Charybdis.

But the darkest hour is just before the dawn. I just read that recently freed Halligen will speak for the first time about his theory. Halligen’s operatives may end up solving the mystery.

Halligen’s investigators convinced the Irish family who saw her to help produce an e-fit. That man is now the Metropolitan Police’s No1 suspect.


Operation Omega. You couldn’t make it up.



Mar 20, 2014

22 May 2014

And yes, why did the PJ reopen the case?

Anonymous said...

Date: 2007/09/03
For : Goncalo Amaral
From Ricardo Paiva, Inspector

...Today, when the undersigned went to the McCann's temporary residence to notify them of the need to present themselves at the police station to make statements, being able to take their lawyer with them, Kate McCann immediately reacted in a negative manner, making comments such as "what are my parents going to think" and "what is the press going to say when they find out" and that "the Portuguese police is under pressure from the government to finish the investigation quickly"....


Anonymous said...

I think she’s right.

Anonymous said...

For instance, establishing body would have happened sooner, not yrs later. Politics/police process US certainly hinders


Anonymous said...

A year after Madeleine’s disappearance in 2007, Kate and Gerry McCann hired Halligen as a private investigator. He reportedly spent much of the money on luxury hotels, restaurants and a chauffeur.

But despite neglecting his Operation Omega team, the new film claims the investigators made significant breakthroughs in the hunt for the missing child.

The team’s final report in 2008 is said to have contained leads which are now forming part of the current Scotland Yard investigation, including a sighting by retired businessman Martin Smith which led to an e-fit shown on Crimewatch last year.


Anonymous said...

[Martin Smith] States that it is not possible for him to recognise the individual in person or by photograph.

He states that the individual carried the child in his arms, with her head laying on the individual's left shoulder


From: Long Lindsay
Sent: 20th September, 2007 11:37
CC: Hughes John (DC)
Re: Smith Family

Text: Reported that he passed a male carrying a child in Praia da Luz the night Maddie went missing. Went and made a statement to Portugal police in Portimao on 26th of May and returned to the U.K. Is saying that after seeing McCANNS on the news on 9th of September when they returned to the U.K. He has not slept and is worried sick. He states he was watching the 10 pm news on BBC and saw the McCANNS getting off the plane and coming down the steps. He states it was like watching an action replay of the night he saw the male carrying the child back in Portugal. He states the way Gerry was carrying his twin triggered something in his head. It was exactly the same way and look of the other male seen the night Maddy went missing. He also watched ITV news and SKY news and inferred it looked like the same person both times carrying the children. Is asking a member of the OP Task Force to ring him back. He was with a group of 9 family and friends the night he saw the male in Portugal. He sounded quite shaken and worried whilst speaking to me.


Detective Branch
County Lough

Re – Investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

I took an additional statement from Mr Smith as requested. His wife does not want to make another statement. I showed him the video clip and he stated that it was not the clip that alerted him but the BBC news at 10 PM on 9th September 2007.

He has been contacted by numerous tabloid press looking for stories. He has been contacted by Mr Brian Kennedy who is supporting the McCann family to take part in a photo fit exercise. He has given no stories or helped in any photo fits. He sent a solicitor's letter to six papers in relation material that was printed that was misquoted. The Evening Herald paid his solicitor's fees and all papers printed an apology. His photograph appeared in another tabloid paper and this matter is being pursued at the moment.

I do not believe that Martin Smith is courting the press and my view his is a genuine person. He is known locally and is a very decent person.

Forwarded please


Liam Hogan


Himself said...

27 May 2014 21:11
I paid a visit but didn't read it. I just wasn't in the mood for the woman and all her Americanese shite.

29 May 2014 07:16
?? yourself. Too ambiguous all round.

29 May 2014 07:55
I think Smith has had one visit too many from those with a vested interest.

Anonymous said...


5. (C) The original allegations were developed by Portuguese authorities and shared with the London Police in August 2005.
The London Police then obtained and shared with Portuguese authorities a clandestine March 2006 video of Charles Smith,
of Smith & Pedro, discussing the payment of bribes to Socrates' cousin. British and Portuguese law enforcement are reportedly cooperating effectively on the case (which may be a positive consequence of the fumbled high profile investigation into the disappearance of British child Maddie McCann in Portugal in 2007).


Anonymous said...

13 NOVEMBER 2009


Anonymous said...

09 May 2014


Anonymous said...

April 29, 2004


Anonymous said...


Himself said...

God morning Maren.


Very interesting, and an excellent find. I shall pass it to @Winnower1 she likes the dots. And there are plenty there.

I couldn't help but notice: "Part of the Wikileaks 2010 Documents Release Collection." (top of page) What's that all about?

Who's Who in Wonderland?


The "more, lots more" link in the post is also a Sargeants Inn link, but is now defunct ( i've just tried the Waybackmachine, no joy)


(Article 299, yours being article 296)

As is most of the Sargeants stuff, defunct I mean, unless I'm not trying hard enough?

So where we go from here I have no idea, other than I say, let Sue (Win) peruse the thing. (without hashtag for now)

Nice one Maren, as we young uns say.

Himself said...

Oh, and the Freeport thing, after all that, the wreckers ball.

Anonymous said...

It now means that the McCanns effectively have to get permission from the British High Court to represent their daughter in any legal action.


Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Hi Maren 22:00 just sat down, will click through your stuff tomorrow.

In the meantime:

“irreparably damaged and totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view”


Goodnight sweetheart.

Anonymous said...


"irreparably damaged and totally destroyed from a moral, social, ethical, emotional and family point of view"




Intriguingly, the Portuguese press publicised a "new theory" in its update on the excavations on Wednesday.

"Scotland Yard has moved on to the belief that Madeleine was killed in the apartment and her body hidden in the area around the Ocean Club," writes Correio da Manhã.

"This is exactly what that poor policeman in charge of the original investigation thought," Nana told the Resident.

Yeah, the same conclusion, but a different "abductor", I'll bet.

Oh that book A Verdade Da Mentira, a true history of facts, based on the actual Portuguese police files.

Mrs McCann spent days weeping...


Anonymous said...

Oh not entirely the same conclusion, died (PJ), killed (SY?)

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It is a sunny day. Mx

Himself said...

It is Sunny Chuck, you are quite right. I should go and see to my giant sunflowers (ivy alternative) they are germinating splendidly.

Just one more cigarette, and then.

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(MOP [Member of the public] -2): “The Smiths’ saw (him) in that street (points) turning the corner so, he could have hidden it (the body) in the garden of that abandoned villa (down there) and then at 6AM… may I say it?… (when the scene was clear) and everyone had gone, the couple then went back, recovered the body and hid it in there – that, is possible, yes…”

Himself said...

Excellent read, thank you.

It's hard to discount anything in Amaral's logic. The only thing you might, would be the "if":

Furthermore, I have serious doubts that if Madeleine McCann is dead her cadaver is anywhere to be found

But not really, he's only being diplomatic.

On a lighter note, I loved the pot plant talk, all the ageing Brit "heads" up in the hills, doing their gardening.

Do you use that expression in the Netherlands, a head?


Did you open the Op Mincemeat link by the way? It was a quite interesting program.