Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Concerned About Fylde Coast Gas Extraction? (Fracking) Watch This

The first thing I have to admit is that I am woefully slow on the uptake of this potential threat to the Fylde Coast and it's inhabitants. So slow in fact, that others long ago took up the cause, and as such are far ahead of me on the far from benign subject of hydraulic fracturing. (fracking)

Although I shall re-post a few words I had to say on the subject hydraulic fracturing, or more specifically the documentary Gas-Land, which exposes the perils of fracking, far better that I furnish a link to a dedicated site, where you, and I for that matter, can avail yourself of this blogger's efforts to date.

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From a previous post.

Having now watched the complete documentary, I have to admit to being at a loss for words. The sheer scale of eco-vandalism that has laid waste to vast, and I mean vast, tracts of land throughout the United States is mind boggling. The poisoning of the water table, and subsequently air quality surrounding these gas wells, is nothing short of criminal.

I thought the people of Appalachia had a cross to bear due to the effects of mountain top removal, but even their plight seems to pale when compared to the environmental damage caused by gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing.

I have to put this film in the must see category, even if you are not directly effected (yet) by fracking. If you have limited bandwidth, might I suggest at least watch part four on Youtube, (now below) where some frightening facts and figures are given an airing.

The prime villain in all this, the drilling companies apart, Dick Chaney, aided and abetted by George W Bush.

I think the time has come for a bit of hands on activism on my own part.

Below: Gas-Land stills from the trailer, (2m 47s) followed by the complete documentary in seven parts. But I have to stress, gas coming out of the faucet is the least of their problems.

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