Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fame (no fortune) Putting 'Democracy Now' on the Japanese Map. Dr. Shunichi Yamashita and Some Very Pissed Japanese

This is not a post about me being the brilliant satirist that I am, said he with utmost modesty. It is a post about the power of the internet to expose the twats of this world.

But in exposing these twats, much depends on the methodology as it does on the content of the expose. A blogger might have the scoop of the year, but if he can't get the story noticed, it then becomes a spent silver bullet that might otherwise have found a target in the black heart of the bad guy.(s)

Here's a bit of something I wrote quite recently on Teddy's blog, that explains my philosophy somewhat.

If you want to get the most out of your blog, your message and your graphics, make sure you name your photo's and stuff, with something that will get your message across, code numbers and obscure titles won't work for you.

The reason I blog in the fashion that I do, is not for the five minutes titillation it might provide, (for some) nor is for the countless hours spent buggering about, it is because, long after all the words have been forgotten, the graphics won't have, they will still be there imparting the original message years later. Ninety five percent of Google traffic comes via an image search. Make the most of it.

So it's not without a certain satisfaction that one of my efforts has achieved some success. I don't know what figures constitutes ''going viral'' but as of six o' clock this evening, the blog post, or more specifically, the graphic, received over six hundred hits for the day. Whereas that might not be much in the way of traffic for the big blogs of this world, I don't consider it small potatoes for what is an otherwise obscure blog.

But that simple graphic, or more accurately a cartoon; a cartoon where I can't even claim any originality, my contribution being only to change the text. But that simple cartoon has done far more than give me a moment of satisfaction, it has brought to attention, through a Democracy Now broadcast, the criminal conspiracy by, shill for the Japanese nuclear industry, Dr. Shunichi Yamashita. Which judging by the reaction of the Japanese bloggers, was, I can only assume, something that they were totally unaware of. Which I fear is true about a much of the goings on at the Fukushima Daiitchi complex. Never was the mushroom theory more applicable than when applied to TEPCO and Fukushima, the difference being, in spite of all the buckets and all the crap, Fukushima mushrooms are glowing in the dark.

I have taken the liberty of applying Google translation to three Japanese blogs. Much is lost in the translation, but I still think you can get a feel for the outrage felt in Japan against the nuclear industry, but more specifically the criminal behaviour of Dr. Shunichi Yamashita, where all three blogs are running with the comparison of Yamashita to Josef Mengele.

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Long live a free internet; and Democracy Now, let us never forget that beacon of light in a dark land, becoming darker by the hour.

Original unadulterated cartoon.

The cartoon in question.

The original post: Witch Doctor Shunichi Yamashita to Head Fukushima Health Study

I hope, Putting 'Democracy Now' on the Japanese Map doesn't sound too pretentious, but I couldn't think how else to word it. Perhaps bringing attention might have been a lot better, but it just didn't work.

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Anonymous said...

In a separate petition, one of the groups demanded the sacking of a radiation health risk management adviser to Fukushima prefecture, Nagasaki University Professor Shunichi Yamashita, alleging he had downplayed the threat.

Himself said...

Many thanks, please see post above.