Monday, June 06, 2011

A Bit Of Doom and Gloom To Cheer You Up

I have featured this batshit crazy motherfucker previously, but in light of the environmental doom and gloom I reported on below, I thought we might have a bit of doom and gloom from the man himself.

Firstly, the previously featured video, complete with caption, followed by ''Doom and Gloom''

Drive on you fuckin' barmpot, let's all have a giggle.

I originally thought this fellow was taking the piss, well you would, wouldn't you.

When I retired in 2001 I fully expected to enjoy full time my avocations of bass fishing and making sculpture. The long, cold Adirondack winters also afforded me a lot of time to renew my interest in the Holy Bible and that's when I discovered I have a unique gift to understand the end times prophecies of Daniel, Esther, Ezekiel, Revelation etc. Not that interpretation is always obvious and so when I have doubts I stop and pray about it, usually Mary's Rosary (I am a practicing Roman Catholic) and the Lord answers, not in an audible voice, but to my mind. When I asked who is the "eagle" in Revelation 8:13, He said "you are". Homepage Youtube


Anonymous said...

The man himself and his unique gift give many reasons to be cheerful, not to mention his poetry skills.

“She rides a beast
the beast is sore
and now that beast
will burn that whore”

“Obama is beast number three
a leopard which comes from the sea
he’s got four heads, he’s got four wings
the Bible calls him the leopard-king”

Really instructive, Obama is in the Bible and he comes from the sea (the roots of Obama).

“Seven years, tears and fears
Britain, Russia and the US will be toast”

Welcome in the Model of Tolerance.

‘World War 3, don’t blame me
you’ll have no ‘lectricity."


“You can win, just don’t sin
if you never do the filthy sins of flesh
just don’t sin
think of Mary and her Baby in the creche
you can win, just don’t sin
please don’t watch pornography”
(own experience?)

I’m in tears (from laughter). M

Himself said...

You're far too critical Maren, that's what becomes of having an education.

You must remember that the majority of the prophet's target audience probably have not had that privilege, they being home schooled n'all.

But look on the bright side, home schoolers only require one text book.

And judging by the first of the two videos I have just upped, I don't think there is an awfull lot of sex-ed to be found in said book.

My niece is to sit for a further three years for a doctorate in nuclear chemistry. (of all things) She is being funded by some outfit in Idaho, but part of the deal involves her spending three months of the year at the facility in Idaho. To put it mildly, I think she has a bit of a culture shock in store.

Perhaps, when the time comes, I should ask her to keep a journal of her experiences.