Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Religious Nutters and Sinful Sexuality

Something a little different and light-hearted for today.

I have tracked down the videos featured on Anderson Cooper and present them in the same order.

I really should have saved this clip as the grand finale, because nothing but nothing demonstrates what this fellow has running through his twisted mind as only this video can. Have some penis and testicles, courtesy of Denver International airport. The designers of which, I will have you know, will have to answer to the Lord.

You will not be raptured if you use condoms. Whatever!

Below: ''The topic of this program is why a woman should not be President of the United States, and that includes a very good candidate like Sarah Palin.'' Which tells us much about William Tapley.

And then we are treated to a sojourn through Genesis, which if you can follow, you're a better man than I Gunga Din.

Next in line below is the reference to a demonic news media, but what it's really all about is the sin of masturbation and test tube babies.

To say Tapley has a raging hard-on for Obama (the Leopard) would be the understatement of the year, as is self evident by the content of Tapley's home page. The clip below is Michelle Obama, the Leopardess.

And if you are a regular here you will of course recognise the previously featured ''Doom and Gloom.

Below are three clips that were part of the original intended post. It was only after I came across the Anderson Cooper clip half way through compiling that post, that I changed the format to what you see now. But again lots of Leopards and nasty dirty sinful sex featured here.

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Anonymous said...

leopards in Afghanistan

Anonymous said...


Symbols are supposed to represent something larger than themselves, but phallic symbols almost never do.

Anonymous said...


Hey, I just met you
and this is crazy
but here’s my number
so call me maybe

Now he’s not saying call me on the telephone. What the antichrist is saying here is: my name is Maybe, call me Maybe. Now what’s interesting is that Nostradamus also called the antichrist Mabus. Is there a connection between Mabus and Maybe.

So these two words for the antichrist Mabus and Maybe are not identical but they are very similar. They both begin with the letters M A B.


Himself said...

Beyond redemption.