Wednesday, January 09, 2008

On This Day January 9th

Habbas to win in Palestine. Miner's strike. Eden quits. Tarzan quits. Yachtsman Tony Bullimore rescued, moral: don't go sailing in the Southern Ocean in a boat that's fit for a pond.more

I'll explain that statement. All yachts roll downwind to the tune of approximately five hundred oscillations per hour, multiply that by twenty four and multiply again by the amount of days sailing downwind in a very blowy Southern Ocean.

Now look at the diagram and photo, both different boats to Bullimore's but the principle is the same. I believe the depth of his keel was a staggering twelve foot long, then look at the size of the footprint where the keel used to be bolted through the hull on the capsized yacht and all becomes apparent, well it does to me.

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