Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Drugs Legal In Ten Years: Plod Talks Sense


The legalisation of all drugs is "inevitable", according to the Chief Constable of North Wales.

Richard Brunstrom, who has campaigned for drugs like heroin to be made legal, says he believes the move towards decriminalisation is "10 years away."

The chief constable said repealing the Misuse of Drugs Act would destroy a major source of organised crime.

He also said he thinks ecstasy is safer than aspirin. Drugs charity DrugScope said legalisation is "unlikely".

Speaking on the BBC's Today programme, the controversial chief constable acknowledged that his was a minority view, but he said attitudes were changing.

"I'm certainly out of step with the majority of senior police officers, but not all of them," he said. more

Update: The rags and the screamers are baying for blood.

Notorious chief constable Richard Brunstrom is facing demands to resign after publicly claiming that the illegal rave drug ecstasy is safer than aspirin.

In his latest bizarre proclamation, he insisted that the drug - which claims almost 50 lives a year - was a "remarkably safe substance".more

Given the millions of pills that are necked each year I would say it was indeed fairly safe.

Would anybody care to publish the numbers of deaths by alcohol alongside the ecstasy figures?

No that doesn't come into the equation.


Anonymous said...

I would love to see drugs legalized here in the states. This goes back to my comments about legalizing prostitution. There are several benefits, the least of which would be a dramatically decreased prison population. Taxation leading to socialized healthcare? Better education for poverty stricken/inner city neighborhoods? Decrease in organized crime and all that goes along with it? Real treatment options for those who want help? Seems like a no brainer to me. Not to mention the possible medical uses for some of the substances, most notably marijuana. I have a feeling this is much more likely to happen in europe than it will here. HH

Anonymous said...


The police tweet, however, led to many comical reactions including on newspapers sites that carried the story. A Mail Online reader commented: "Don't buy 'pot' plants at car boot sales! Simples."