Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Arnold Mendez

I don't really know how I ended up strolling down this path, perhaps it was talk of Ratzinger and his Satan hunt in a previous post, but then again it could be going through the archives to label previous posts.

No matter really, but I did end up totally revamping and adding a little more script to this cartoon. I could write a little story to go with it I suppose, but then I think the cartoon says it all really.

What I did though was to give Mendez a label all of his own, after all he is worthy of a dedicated spot on the blog being a bit of doozy on the science front n'all.

You might check him out in the sidebar or Noah's Ark, another new label.

Update: I've just recapped the three "Baby Shaking" articles, (search Mendez label) start at the bottom of the results page and read and watch the clips in sequence, I think you might find the whole shebang worth watching.

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Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon, I especially ike the brain walking out