Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rick Santorum's Sexual Repression Makes It Across The Pond: Guardian Article

I came across this one-liner earlier in the week, but I let the article pass. But now that ''Icky'' Ricky Santorum's idea of what sex should constitute, (lights out under the covers missionary position) has reached the notice of writer Ana Marie Cox at the Guardian, I just have to run with her article.

Birth control, Santorum argued, is "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be".

And what a one-liner it is. Like all those other creeps out there who take an unhealthy interest in other people's sex lives, it screams 'repression' at you, and quite possibly, if there is any truth in internet rumours, lots of repressed faggery to boot. Which would go a long way in explaining Ricky's, and creep's preoccupation with all things anal.

Sex, Rick Santorum and the conservative imagination

Most politicians, like most people, don't meddle in others' sex lives because that'd be creepy. Santorum is not like most people
Ana Marie Cox
16 February 2012

. . . . . Which brings us to sex. Observing the debate (generously defined) over Obama's proposed policy – which, at this point, doesn't require religious institutions to pay for birth control, but apparently, the argument rages on! – one gets the sense that the men talking about the ideals of religious freedom, and supposed anti-religious bias, want to stick to that topic because to engage with the real-world facts about birth control would mean talking about, you know, down there. This is uncomfortable-making for politicians and voters alike.

Aside from Fox News anchors, politics is a weirdly desexualized sphere; in the public imagination, Mitt Romney's resemblance to a Ken doll probably extends further than his bland good looks. We would just as soon not think about politicians having sex. And we'd prefer that they not think about us having sex either.

Here is where I have to give Rick Santorum a perverse (indeed) sort of credit. Unlike a vast majority of those running for office, he is totally OK with going there, penis-in-various-holes-wise. I suspect that it's his apparent comfort with explicitly raising the idea of sex, as much as his out-of-kilter views on it, that rankles all but the most extreme social conservatives. To go from the hypothetical legalization of homosexual marriage to bestiality, you have to have at least given passing thought to the physical act of gay sex.

Santorum's more recent comments relating to birth control specifically betray a similar kink. Last October, he explained why he thinks contraception is "not OK" in terms far removed from the lofty constitutional arguments of the Issa panel. Birth control, Santorum argued, is "a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be". To even have that opinion, Santorum has to have given thought to which sex acts are outside "how things are supposed to be". I dare say Rick Santorum has a richer fantasy life than most. Full story with Asprin video blah blah


Anonymous said...

I dare say Rick Santorum has no fantasy life at all. M

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Himself said...

Good morning Chuck.

I have all your links open, but I need to re-read them again after more tea.

The Facebook thingee is definitely post material, as is Ricky's sexuality. But that I might have to combine with other stuff, the net is ablaze with similar. He has certainly set the cat among the pigeons with his own special brand of piety.

Although the nuclear family has been promoted like a soft-drink in recent decades, it’s clear that we are the most social species on the planet, interacting with and depending upon each other in ways that extend far beyond Mom, Dad, and Junior.

Yes, along with a load of other manufactured ideas as to what constitutes 'normality.'

I dare say Rick Santorum has no fantasy life at all.

I once read somewhere, and though I may disagree with the exact proportions, I do agree in principle, that lovemaking is, 90% mental 9% smell and 1% physical.

Whereas I might lean much harder towards the smell part of the equation, I'm sure there would be no such compartment in Ricky's tiny mind, or any Americans' for that matter, they are obsessed with wearing chemicals to mask anything natural.

We smell like we do for a reason, it's sexually attractive, and we haven't been around long enough as a species for that to devolve.

And I hope we never do.

Later then.

Himself said...

And without being too personal, what I do find totally abhorrent and an insult to women the world over, is the promotion of 'everyday pads.'

An appalling attempt at brainwashing women by male dominated businesses, into thinking they are somehow inherently unclean.

It's biblical in its attitude in fact.

That reminds me of something previous, give me a little while to find it. I haven't a clue as to what I posted it under.

Himself said...

Here we are, the second post down.

South Dakothangers in the News Again + Tales From Nepal


Anonymous said...

I am no judge of 'everyday pads' businesses, but I wonder if it is male dominated. Don't you think that women who use such things without any need are an insult to themselves and after all, they are the ones who buy these things. One cannot change 'genes', but at least a woman who has a son or sons, could try to set a good example.

Well, perhaps there is a more simple explanation, these types of women are just too lazy to wash.

Not too dunglish I hope.
Kind regards M

Himself said...

Don't you think that women who use such things without any need are an insult to themselves and after all, they are the ones who buy these things.

Indeed, and why? Growing up watching ads on the idiot box telling them that they are basically unclean.

As I say, it's biblical attitudes towards women.

And the manufacturers wanting their Benjamins of course.

We can share the 'Benjamins' one now can't we?

Anonymous said...

To avoid any misunderstanding, my comment refers to modern day western 'everyday pads without any need' women M

Himself said...

Understood, that was my point too.

Anonymous said...

Where men can scald women with impunity

"I think our biggest problem is as women we still have not taken a stance and said 'No, I'm not going to accept this. I'm going to make sure that my son is not going to be like that.' But no, we're teaching our sons to be like that," - Ume Wainetti, (FSVAC)

Though very complicated, I think she’s right, as far as I can judge.

Anonymous said...

One of the best known examples of Dunglish took place between the Dutch foreign minister Joseph Luns (a man whose main foreign language was French, the language of diplomacy prior to World War II) and John F. Kennedy. At one point Kennedy inquired what hobby Luns had, to which he replied "I fok horses". The Dutch verb fokken meaning to breed. Kennedy then replied "Pardon?" a word which Luns then mistook as the Dutch word for "horses" ("paarden") and enthusiastically responded "Yes, paarden!"


Himself said...

“We are masters of the unsaid words, but slaves of those we let slip out” - Winston Churchill

Anonymous said...

Draap spelled backwards is the Dutch word for horse.


Himself said...

Ban to shut down Colorado cannabis coffee shop