Monday, February 27, 2012

Donald Trump Promises £10m to Fight Wind Farm Construction in Britain

I don't think I trust myself to comment on this.

Donald Trump Promises £10m to Fight Wind Farm Construction in Britain
Richard Hall
27 February 2012

Fresh from a dispute with environmentalists over his golf resort on the Aberdeenshire coast, the billionaire Donald Trump has revealed plans to hand £10m to anti-wind farm campaigners.

The American property tycoon has become vociferous in his opposition to wind farms since plans were revealed for 11 turbines to be built off the coast from his £750 million complex of holiday homes, hotels and golf courses.

In a letter to the first minister Alex Salmond, Mr Trump blasted the "horrendous machines", and claimed he could win a "very large lawsuit" if he were to challenge their construction.

Susan Crosthwaite, a spokeswoman for Communities Against Turbines Scotland (CATS), said the money could be a game-changer in the battle against wind farms, and repudiated suggestions that Mr Trump's new-found opposition could be self-interested. "I think he genuinely cares about Scotland," she said. "We don't agree with everything Donald Trump stands for, but we do agree on this issue.

Willie Rennie MSP, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, criticised Mr Trump's "hysterical" response to plans to build turbines in sight of his resort.

"We have very ambitious targets for renewable energy. Rather than stopping us he should be helping us," he said. Telegraph
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Anonymous said...

OT, info

btw, wish you strength xx

Himself said...

Thank you Maren.

Mother is home but a bit shook up after her ordeal, a woman's geriatric ward is no place to be, three quarters of the old dears have reverted to childhood.

My mother is ninety two and perhaps a tad frail, but she has all her marbles.

No matter how bad she may get eventually, I shall never see her in a home. Should the worst come to the worst, between myself a nurse and my two sisters, we would manage no matter what.

Thank you again for your thoughts.