Friday, February 17, 2012

Underpants Bomber More FBI/CIA Entrapment?

Make of the rest of it what you will, but this bit jumped off the page for me, with bells a ringing, whistles a whistling and 'Made in the USA' lit up in bright neon lights.

We have seen over the last few years the quite open and extremely blatant use by the FBI, of agents provocateur and entrapment techniques, that were the outcome for the poor schmucks involved not so tragic, then the whole 'foiled terrorist plot' thing, would be more fitting for Stalinist Russia, or even more fittingly, the Beano. (English comic)

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2:27 p.m.

Kurt Haskell just stepped to the podium.

Choking up, he praised Mason for putting out the fire on the plane and saving everyone’s lives.

He said he and his wife were on the flight returning from an African safari. While sitting at the airport, he said he saw Abdulmutallab being escorted through security by a man in a tan suit who spoke perfect English.

The airline gate worker initially refused to let Abdulmutallab to board until the man in the tan suit intervened.

“Little did I know that Umar would try to kill me,” he said.

He said the incident has changed his life.

He said passengers were kept on the plane after it landed in Detroit without any concern about the explosives on the plane. He said passengers were taken into the terminal without anyone checking their bags or for possible accomplices.

It soon became obvious that the FBI wasn’t concerned about anything he had to say, including the man in the tan suit.

He said Abdulmutallab was allowed to board the plane without a passport and going through security. He said he’s disappointed that the U.S. government allowed Abdulmutallab to get onto the plane.

“Regardless of how media and government try to shape this case, I am convinced that Umar was given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. agent… to stage a false terrorist attack to be used to implement various government policies. It really saddens me that the government won’t admit its role in the event. Because of this case, I will never trust anything the government says, ever.”

Then, Haskell turned to Abdulmutallab.

“Umar, you are not a Muslim martyr. You are merely a government patsy.” More

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