Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sarah Palin 'Believed Queen Was in Charge of British Forces in Iraq'

Sarah Palin 'believed Queen was in charge of British forces in Iraq'

Sarah Palin believed that the Queen rather than the prime minister was responsible for the decision to keep British forces in Iraq, according to research done for a new film chronicling her brief political rise.
By Raf Sanchez
20 Feb 2012

The former Alaska governor reportedly made the comment during the 2008 presidential campaign as aides to John McCain, the Republican candidate, scrambled to bring his surprise-pick running mate up to speed on foreign affairs.

Her confusion emerged during a coaching session with Steve Schmidt, a top McCain adviser, who asked Mrs Palin what she would do if Britain began to waver in its commitment to the Iraq war.

In one of the many rambling responses that steadily eroded her credibility during the campaign, Mrs Palin reportedly replied that she would "continue to have an open dialogue" with the Queen. blah blah


Anonymous said...


"Wow. If any Brits are reading the comment thread they'll probably agree, the US is nuts, or, at least, the Republican primary candidates (and their supporters) are nuts." - sg77

Now I have to prove I'm not a robot by typing the words "himself." and "gripted" whatever that means.

Himself said...

But isn't that what modern journalism is? I mean nobody wants to read about a cat not stuck up a tree, And if we can't take the piss out of the yanks, who can we take it out of?

Yes, the racism certainly seems to have struck a cord.