Monday, February 27, 2012

City of London Police - Corruption - Malicious Prosecution - Abuse of Office - Corporate Lackeys: Operation BOHAN

And that's just for starters.

And this is just a trailer, goodness knows what the program proper will throw up.

As the clip will reveal, the attitude and the actions of City of London Police can only be described as one thing, Naziism, and even though it's a term I seldom employ, that's exactly what they are, out and out Nazis and totally out of control. And let us not forget, this police force run amok, all under the authority of Home Secretary, Theresa May.

I shall be chatting with the victim of this case, plumber, terrorist, drug user, have I missed anything? Ian Puddick, a little later in the day, hoping he might shed more light on what kind of response, if any, that he has received from the Home Office over this scandalous abuse of police powers. And that abuse I add, at the behest of American company, Kroll. Nice huh! it must be all part of that special relationship we enjoy so much with America.

Chris Plumley Channel 4 Dispatches new film How Power Corrupts.

The film exposes institutional Police Corruption at City of London Police at senior level.

The film questions why officers from the Counter Terrorism Directorate made misleading statements in court under oath and the questionable relationship between City of London Police and elite global security giant Kroll.

The same Kroll whom effectively took control and lead COLP Counter Terrorism Directorate ‘Operation BOHAN’, an operation costing over £1,000,000 to censor Ian Puddicks website –

The film will show documents used in court which name senior officers at City of London Police whom were only to happy to comply with Kroll’s requests to silence Ian Puddick.

Michael Wolkind QC interviewed for the film confirmed that Police Corruption is an issue that is rarely reported and that the public are not aware of how the Police behave in court.

Asked by Chris Plumley if in this case it was just a few bad apples spoiling the barrel, Michael Wolkind QC replied ‘it was a matter of looking in the barrel for a good apple’.

Detective Constable Colin Dawson Counter Terrorism Directorate told Ian, Operation BOHAN was instigated and managed at the very top of City of London Police

Police Corruption

Detective Sergeant John Christopher Ellis City of London Police Counter Terrorism Directorate told the court under oath that he found Class A Crack Cocaine/Paraphernalia throughout the property during a search of Ian’s property there were approx 14 other officers involved in the search.

However Sergeant Ellis when questioned on the matter, said that he forgot to confiscate the Cocaine/ Paraphernalia.

He (Detective Sergeant John Christopher Ellis) didn’t mention it to the other officers whom were with him, he didn’t make a note of it in his note book, nor did he tell his boss. He just remembered the finding the drugs cache whilst in court. (Ah so! not the sharpest chisels in the box are they?)

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