Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hey Priest Shutupayourface!

How Hollywoodesque.

Severed pig's head dumped on doorstep of crime fighting Italian priest after he condemned Mafia
By Nick Pisa
30th January 2012

Mobsters have dumped the severed head of a pig on the doorstep of a brave crime fighting priest, it emerged yesterday.

Father Ennio Stamile made the grim discovery as he left his house for morning Mass and it was the second time he had been targeted after his car was vandalised last week.

Detectives are convinced he is being singled out after he started to regularly condemn the criminal activities of the local mafia known as the 'Ndrangheta during his weekly parish sermons.

The bloodied animal head was found with a piece of cloth stuffed in its mouth outside Father Stamile's home in Cetraro near Cosenza in southern Italy and it is the mob's trademark way of intimidation and convincing people to stop talking.

Cetaro has been the scene of several mob murders over the last few years and it is also a stronghold for the local 'Ndrangheta, who although less well known than their Sicilian counterparts they are a far more lucrative operation controlling much of the importation of cocaine from South America. More The Wail

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