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Boopy Ball

A girl named PJ sent me this cute little Boopy ball on an email. I never realised when I started doing a daily Boop just what a world of Boop fans there are out there, talk about a labour of love.
Pay her a visit if you wish. PJ. boop boop a doop

They are both gifs but don't seem to want to strut their stuff, another bit of technology I must try and master,

What Did You Expect, Immaculate Conception?


I couldn't resist this one, fundi news.

May 30, 2007 ( - On May 23, 2007, the White House released an official White House photo of Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife, Lynne Cheney, welcoming their sixth grandchild, Samuel David Cheney, into the Cheney fold. The child is the offspring of Mary Cheney and an unreported male sperm donor.

Walter Mittys, Wanabees, and Agent Provocateurs

This is the last one for tonight, I had meant to pick up on this story before today but I offer it up now. It's late enough in the day so I'm not going to expound on the story, this shabby tale tells itself.
I will just say two things, is this justice? and if and when the next big one happens you will be able to trace it back to the type of waste and misuse of resources that have evidently been employed in cases like this. Shameful.

Have a bit of glamour to brighten up this sordid tale of provocation and entrapment.

Italian Inmates Seek Death Penalty

I know exactly where these guys are coming from, if I were looking at forty years bang up I'd be on the fast train to peace but I'd be buggered if I would give the state the satisfaction of playing out the ultimate power game, it would be of my time and place.

The first couple of sentences are from the article and the longer extract is from an article by "Roxtar" a fellow I used to interact with as commenters on another blog. He's right on the money in his article: "Death: It's not a penalty.....and I can prove it."

We want to die just once, he said, and "we are asking for our life sentence to be changed to a death sentence".
Musumeci said he was tired of dying a little bit every day.

Death: It's not a penalty.....and I can prove it. First, I approach the question from my own atheistic point of view. Death is nothing more than the permanent termination of consciousness. Once one's consciousness has been terminated, there can be no punishment, no joy, no amusement, no irritation, no nothing. By this reasoning, the death "penalty" is actually an end to the awareness that one is being punished, or, in other words, the premature end of punishment. If Mr. Killer is jailed on Tuesday and executed on Wednesday, he's only been punished for one day, after which his consciousness is humanely and mercifully extinguished. That doesn't strike me as particularly penal. I suspect that most people, when presented with a hypothetical choice between 40 years in a penitentiary and a swift, painless demise, would at least give serious consideration to the "easy way out", with emphasis on the word easy more

If there any among you that have watched the likes of "America's Hardest Prisons" then you don't need me to tell you what just a day must be like locked down in the SHU (secure housing unit) and having been witness to the horrors of such places it's beyond my comprehension of what it must be like to be facing decades of such soul destroying misery.

If the penal System is of interest to you I shall post various links sans comment. The first link has a mutitude of other links.

Link Link Link Link Link Link

Great Scott Holmes, The Country's Gone Barking Mad!

And so it has.

Firefighters in Greater Manchester are facing disciplinary action over claims they slept on a station floor instead of their new reclining chairs.

Newsnight Talking Point

The McCanns' Plight

It's been four weeks since Madeleine McCann went missing in Portugal.

Her parents have cooperated heavily with the media to keep her in the public eye in the hope of finding her. Yesterday Gerry and Kate McCann met the Pope. Later this week they will travel to Madrid.

Everyone will sympathise with the McCanns' plight. But some are beginning to feel uneasy about their campaign and the coverage it is getting. Is the media right to continue to give their story such prominence? And is the intervention of figures like Gordon Brown, David Beckham and the Pope appropriate?

This is not long online and there is only one comment as yet but it might be interesting to hear a few opinions on this story.

Man Eats Dog. London not Thialand

LONDON- A British performance artist has eaten part of a corgi—the breed of dog that is the favorite pet of Queen Elizabeth II—to protest the alleged mistreatment of animals by the royal family. more

Top Spammer Arrested, My Heart Bleeds

Arrhhg I've been Spammed!

SEATTLE -- A 27-year-old man described as one of the world's most prolific spammers was arrested Wednesday, and federal authorities said computer users across the Web could notice a decrease in the amount of junk e-mail. more

And if you fancy a bit of spam!

Us and You, It's Definitely a Culture Thing

State wildlife officials said Wednesday they want to know how the huge hog dubbed "Monster Pig" got into a fenced hunting preserve where it was chased down and shot to death by an 11-year-old boy.

OK I'll keep my trap shut about an Eleven year old kid running around with a 50 cal handgun, I have to respect cultural differences exist in this world, but this did bother me somewhat.

Andress said officials also will review whether the hunt complied with the state's "fair chase" law, which requires that prey at hunting plantations have a reasonable chance of escape.

Eddy Borden, the owner of the spread where the hunt occurred, declined comment on how the hog got into the 150-acre fenced-in area where it was killed last month by Jamison Stone of Pickensville.

And if this picture ain't photoshopped, and I have no reason to believe it has, that's one big mother of a pig.

Update: That has to be photoshopped, I've seen smaller hippo's than that.

The Murky World of "6" and Vlad The Poisoner

There's nothing like a bit of mud slinging to becloud the already murky waters that surround the world of the intelligence community.

The man suspected of poisoning ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko has said it could not have happened without the involvement of British secret services. more

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday Boop

An early posting for the Booper, I'm all blogged out, but seeing as the forces of darkness are topical I think a couple of dark and sexy Boops are in order.

And sure why not, Boop on a bike.

Has Ted The Tubes Been On The Fiddle?

Ted(The Tubes) Stevens part of a Feebi investigation.

Jose Padilla

Not much to report on the case, it strikes me as a strange kind of journalism that has so many items on the judge that is hearing the case. I will conceed most are taken off the wire but everybody is running with the same story.

Celebrating the Rule of Force, Not Freedom

Let us begin with the small things and work to the larger issues. Many of us will be traveling on the highways, and the Memorial Day Weekend always brings out that show of force from state troopers. We can expect to see many motorists having their weekends ruined because they drove a few miles above the speed limit, or state troopers or local police are looking for a "big score" in finding drugs inside a vehicle.

I am not sure about the readers, but I cannot say I ever have felt "protected" by the presence of state police on the highway. They do not exist to "protect" us; they are there because Memorial Day Weekend is a big revenue time for the various agencies that receive money from fines. In other words, it is a grand time for the police to be shaking down individual drivers. more

Those That Can, Do. Those That Can't Become President

This country is now paying a heavy price for Bush's lack of military experience, and his taunting invitation of "bring it on," that has resulted in a never ending stream of challengers traveling to Iraq to teach our loudmouth President a lesson.

When evaluating Bush's performance as the Commander-in-Chief leading the Iraq war, it might be helpful to take another look at his years of service in military, or lack thereof.

The story of the draft-dodger in the White House who keeps sending more troops off to die in Iraq began in 1968 while the Viet Nam war raging and his student deferment ended, meaning it would only be a matter of time before he would be drafted. more

Dangerous Occultist Loses Court Battle

Deranged occult book reader looses court battle to stop other occult books being made available to Satan's potential recruits, the forces of darkness prevail.

Yap Yap The Elf

Of course he's willing to appear on Fox.

"A yap, a yap, my Kingdom for a yap."

"Fox broadcasts the World Series, too, but is it any less of a World Series because it's on Fox? Ask the fans in St. Louis, or Anaheim, or Boston," the Ohio Democrat said in a statement released by his campaign. "Lets face it, the race for the presidency is the World Series of politics, and here you have three candidates for President who are admitting that not only can they not hit right-handed pitching, they're even afraid to step up to the plate and take a swing. Well, I'm one candidate for President who can hit any pitch anyone throws at me. And I'll be taking the field in Detroit this September with the Congressional Black Caucus." more

Yes Dennis.

A Carefully Worded Article

I shall try and word this article carefully not for fear of appearing callous or uncaring but to try to restrict traffic to those people that might actually be interested in what I write and not about whom I write.
It's not an ego trip to know that the blog is being read, and as I mention above, for it's content and its diversity and hopefully its interest. It's not by accident that I don't cover the majority of main stream stories, there are a million and one blogs doing that.

Before I broach the subject of this piece let me mention that the two biggest traffic generators to the blog have been the Rude Pundits quizzes, First and Second, and the Aunty Maidaguri stories. here and here. Neither were overtly intentional in trying to generate traffic, the Madaguri story, most definitely not.

The Rude One's quizzes weren't conceived with traffic in mind but it became apparent even before publishing that they would indeed generate traffic, over Seven Hundred hits in the first week alone, a most welcome number for anyone that is launching a new blog.

So to the crux of the matter, missing white girls, or as I have just discovered after a Google search, Missing White Woman Syndrome, recognised by Wiki as just that.

As fore mentioned I stay away from most main stream stories, non more so than the tragic case of the little girl that is making headlines around the world. It is intentional that I do not mention her by name only for the reason of this article.

So when the cops announced they had a person of interest I reported it from the criminality point of view regarding profiling. That short piece did, and still does bring lots of traffic to the blog, it was therefore quiet deliberate when I posted another short article that I omitted the little girls name, but I headed the piece Is This Turning Into a Circus?

The ways of the web never cease to amaze or astound me, non more so than the power of search engines, for I have been witness to an article that I have written being included in a search result by virtue that I have written just one word that corresponds to the search. An example such as this I can only say blows this old mind of mine, there are some serious clever people in this world, I stand in awe of them and look upon them with no little respect.

This said then, I should not have been surprised that the "Circus" article found its way into a search engine data base, I should not have been but in truth I was.
Being this side of the pond Aol is not something I have any great dealings with nor for for that matter "Sphere" hitherto unknown to me, but at the bottom of their page covering the story of the little girl there is a link entitled "read related blogs and articles" and in there lies my Circus piece which has generated some Sixty plus hits in a Twenty Four hour period, perhaps not a great deal out of the overall population, but enough. (Which updated, is becoming hundreds.)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

American Justice? Isn’t That a Contradiction?

It's nice to see someone at the Times has woken up.

I have mentioned this on one or two occasions here.


Cutty Sark Up Close And Personal: Clip

There is a clip from the Beeb here showing the damage, the good news is the iron frames are relatively undamaged, and a lot of the topside planking had already been removed as had all the top hamper. The decks weren't original so it's only monetary loss there.

The Cutty Sark was one off the early "composite" built ships, wooden planking on iron frames.
All crew accommodation was in deckhouses, which had been removed prior to the fire, so as not to infringe on cargo space.

And how valuable that cargo of tea must have been in those days, I have stood on the one through deck below and in comparison to the size of the ship the cargo hold is tiny.

There is little doubt that she will, like the Phoenix rise from the ashes and be restored to her former glory, she is a much loved old girl, a national treasure.

Her days already numbered by the time she was launched, steam power would soon put payed to the lucrative tea trade.
The Cutty Sark waiting in Sydney Harbour for the new season's wool.

Isle of ManTT Centenary This Year

For Bikers there is a TT page here, for non-bikers you can also go there and read about the most dangerous race course in the world bar non.

The Three Legs of Man.
One leg short of a Swastika.

Five Britons 'Seized in Baghdad'

When you read the details you can only wonder what the hell is going off over there, little wonder the troops want out, "We help them in the day and then they try to kill us at night" was one recent quote from a soldier, how anybody can distinguish friend from foe or who's bloody who I do not know.

Well I Could Have Told Her That

Mallory is scheduled to appear in Gwinnett Superior Court Tuesday morning
to argue the stories are harmful and promote witchcraft and the occult to young people.

It's not that one you're talking about, which one is it then?

But it's only a work of fiction, whoops.

Want to hazard a guess as to which state before you click the link?

And the kicker is priceless.

Mallory acknowledges she hasn't read any of the six books

Arnold Mendez Is An Idiot, Chapter 970


What with the Fred and Wilma museum opening I thought it time to do the math on this here boat that Noah knocked up in his back garden.
So we will read the original architect's specs and determine a size.

"And God said unto Noah, . . . Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch. And this [is the fashion] which thou shalt make it [of]: The length of the ark [shall be] three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits. A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; [with] lower, second, and third [stories] shalt thou make it. " (Gen. 6:13-16)

Which indisputably converts to (all dimensions in feet) 450 long x 75 wide x 45 high.

Now before we go any further, a wooden vessel of this size is quite simply an impossibility, it would simply fall apart with the first ripple. Wood does not have the tensile strength to sustain the stresses involved.

There has never been a wooden vessel built that comes even close to these dimensions, and as the Victorians found to there cost when they tried to push the envelope in timber, you require an awful lot of iron to keep the thing from falling apart, and I'm talking iron beams not nails.

So just as an academic exercise let us have a look at this here boat of Noahs'.

A three decker, a ship of the line no less, so three decks plus a top and a bottom, for our purposes five decks.
So I have taken as a reasonable assumption planking width for the decks to be eight inches.

Now every boat has longitudinal stringers, and here I shall keep the number low at 30

A boat also has frames or ribs if you wish, and here again I will be generous and place them at three foot centres.

And just before I throw a few figures at you, anybody that has ever built a boat will tell you there are as many saw cuts that are not part of the boat as those that are, all the cuts to waste as it were.

So here we go. again all dimensions in feet.

Longitudinal stringers...........................30x450=13,500
Frames bottom..........................................150x75=11,250
Frames sides x 2........................................150x45= 6,750
Crossbeams x 4 three decks + roof 150x75=11,250
Decks x 5 number of planks at 8 inch. 112x450= 50,400
Sides x 2 number of planks.......................67x450=30,150
Bow and stern number of planks...................67x75=5,025

Gives a total of..........................................................423.600 ft.
Multiply four sides, don't forget cutting to waste=1694,400
Divide by 5280...........................................................= 320 miles of (with grain) saw cuts.

And that's the basic hull and decks, no stalls for the dinosaurs taken into account.

But there is another little cuddly that rears it's little bothersome head in this equation, it's fifteen hundred years before the Iron Age, what might I ask did our Noah use for a saw?

And if you think I'm a right sad bastard for doing the math on this all I can say is go and visit our friend Arnold Mendez and have a look at his math. (and reasoning) Now that's what you call a proper sad bastard.

Now if you're a bit of a cynic like meself you'de might be thinking how old Noah managed to put this bit of a boat together, it being the early Bronze Age n'all, well guess who has a few few answers for us, non other than himself our old pal Ken Ham and his Answers in Genisis

How could Noah build the Ark?
The Bible does not tell us that Noah and his
sons built the Ark by themselves, and Noah
could have hired skilled laborers. However, there

is no reason to believe that they could not—or
that they did not—build the Ark between them-
selves in just a few years.

The physical strength and mental processes of
men in Noah’s day was at least as great (quite
likely, even superior) to our own. They certainly

would have had efficient means for harvest-
ing and cutting timber, as well as for shaping,
transporting and erecting the massive beams and
boards required.

If one or two men today can erect a large house
in just 12 weeks, how much more could three or
four men do in a few years? Adam’s descendants
were making complex musical instruments,

forging metal and building cities—their tools,
machines and techniques were not inferior to
the ones we use today.

It is evident from examining the “mysteries”
of earlier civilizations that the human race has
likely lost just as much (maybe even more)
knowledge from before the Flood as it has
gained since that time. The idea that ancient
generations were more primitive than ours is an


In reality, when God created Adam, he was
perfect. Today, the human intellect has suffered
from 6,000 years of sin and decay
computers (a tool designed and built in the last
60 years) are compensating a great deal for our
natural decline in mental processing power,
permitting us to gather and store information as
perhaps never before.

*Portrait of a Redneck Racer

(*self portrait)

The blog had a Google hit yesterday from keywords "Nascar Prayer", curiosity getting the better of me I followed it back to the results page where I came across this fellow describing himself, God and Nascar, oh yes and the bombers, cant leave the bombers out of it.

For the uninitiated, NASCAR is not just 43 cars making constant left turns. It's a happening, drenched in God, Country and Capitalism. It's our opportunity to rub it in the faces of the socialist PC crowd and rub it in we do. NASCAR is loud, pungent and exhilarating.
About the time the performer hits "...home of the brave," a formation of military aircraft performs a low flyover, sending the fans into a frenzy.

I was about to write that I wouldn't like to have been stood in front of him, not wanting a raging hard on stuck in my back as it were, but then got to thinking he's probably a tiny dicked sad fuck that needs a bit of compensation for what he lacks in his pants, to say nothing of his head.

This fellow also had a few words to say on the subject, sans erection.

Is This Turning Into a Circus?

Whereas I have every sympathy for the parents and share the public's concern for the safety of Madeleine McCann, I cannot help but wonder about certain aspects and motives in this ongoing tragedy.
And now the parents are flying off for an audience with the Pope.

The couple are expected to head for Italy on Tuesday on a private plane provided by a well-wisher before their meeting with Pope Benedict XVI .

Err, I think I'll Pass

I'll definitely pass on the whale and most definitely pass on the aperitif.

Horse meat I found delicious and I have no problem with snails or frogs legs but I think I might be pushing it to sit down with this

Ethics and food culture around the world.

There is a "Bonus" audio in the right hand sidebar,
"From our own correspondent" discusses a meeting with former CIA Chief (Berlin) on the subject of rendition.

Not many of these rascals to the pound.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Boop for Tuesday

I'll refrain from mentioning Booper's big boops in the heading, save the Googlers
making a visit.

Three Things I Never Want To Hear Again

Protecting the American people.
Supporting the troops.

No Peace For Tinky Winky

No sooner do we stick one fat bastard bible clutching bigot in a hole then up jumps a whole government to take Falwell's place.

Looks like Twinky might be a bit of a pedo as well as being gay.

My reflections on Poland: Stunningly beautiful women, and the worst cuisine in the Europe.

Wolfowitz: Blame The Press

Nasty old press, bwaa.

I guess he won't be following this man's example.

Will This God And The Crazies Be The Death Of Us?

If God is perfect, then God’s plan is perfect; if God speaks to George W. Bush, the message is therefore perfect and cannot – indeed, must not – be questioned. Moral certitude again; now we have some vague notion as to why this president is utterly, irrationally inflexible and will persist in this war until “Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting [him]”

Yet is it true? Or is it all a fa├žade? While Americans argue over religious red herrings such as abortion, right to die, feminism, stem cell research, and creationism vs. evolution, George W. Bush acts with impunity. Rhetoric without substance. Hypocrisy. This split, this dichotomy, illustrates a disturbing element within the American psyche: despite the professed separation of church and state, politics has rarely been so steeped in the trappings of religion. Only one religion – fundamentalist Christianity – is allowed. But as Christianity places the emphasis more on what one believes rather than what one does, salvation can come within minutes of death: confess, request absolution, accept Jesus, and the soul is saved. Yet one could legitimately argue this twists the essential precepts of an established religion, and that true, good Christians insist upon both. Does George W. Bush ever contemplate Iraqi deaths? The innocents put to death on death row while he was governor of Texas? What of his mockery of Karla Faye Tucker? What of dead American soldiers? more

George Leroux

Scott Ritter, Twenty minutes of Reality. Audio

Ritter touches on some interesting topics, well worth listening to. (20 minute audio)