Saturday, March 03, 2012

Hi Ho Raisa! Shurely Shome Mishtake?

Just a little something to keep the hand in.

Tip of the hat to Martin Rowson for the loan of Camerface Cameron.

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Cameron tries to close stable door after Rebekah Brooks horse story has bolted

David Cameron confirms rode former police horse Raisa while it was on loan to Rebekah Brooks - but not while prime minister
Patrick Wintour
2 March 2012

David Cameron's efforts to edge away from Rebekah Brooks, the fallen News International executive, came unstuck on Friday when he was forced after three days of non-denial denials to admit that he had ridden on a horse loaned to her by the Metropolitan police as a personal favour.

He said he had not ridden the horse named Raisa while prime minister.

Disputes over the significance of the story rapidly became as much a matter of controversy as the story itself, and unleashed a crowded field of horse metaphors.

Cameron, who cultivates an image of middle class normality, will be horrified at the way the episode links him to a lethal cocktail of urban journalistic cynicism, patrician country pursuits, police corruption and Downing Street evasion. blah blah and video


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Praise indeed dontcha think?

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Pics of redheads on horseback WILL be OK tho', Dave?