Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blog News

It has been quite an upheaval these last few days, switching to a new email, a new PC, and I could say new operating system, but that system, Windows7, has been installed, uninstalled, and now replaced with good old XP.

There are one or two bits to sort out, I notice as I type this, that I have no spell-check operating. But for the main, I'm up and running again. I just need to go into town for a new keyboard, as delightful as my Mac keyboard is to use, scroll lock doesn't function within Windows, and scroll lock is something fundamental to operating two PCs in tandem.

But I must say, now with a four core processor and 8GB of ROM, this thing is rocket powered.


Anonymous said...

Good morning good looking, hope you woke up with a beautiful woman.
Wish you success in all the technical stuff, I'll keep Ted company. M

Himself said...


One meets a nicer class of girl in one's dreams.

But there again!!!