Sunday, March 25, 2012

You Tell 'em Mark - Cruddas

ARTIST TAXI DRIVER ‏ @chunkymark

#marr Did Rupert Murdoch order the Cruddas sting To tell Cameron/police to back off #cashforcameron @BBCNews

#marr How much you being paid Andrew? Tory stooge

#marr Looking uncomfortable You fucking stooge

#marr Alleged???? You sickophant #cashforcameron

#marr Tory Govt love in

#marr Goes from Cruddas To several positive Govt stories Actually bugging them up This is apalling

This is criminal 1.50 secs Then #marr says let's move on #cruddas

#marr Where the fuck is the outrage Where is the condemnation They just sold #nhsbill

Wealthy donors trying to by access @BBCNews No you donots Govt offering access for cash #cruddas

Arrest Cruddas Cameron Osborne

Video secretly filmed by the Sunday Times newspaper shows Conservative Party co-treasurer Peter Cruddas apparently offering access to the prime minister and chancellor for £250,000.

London-based Mr Cruddas was appointed Tory co-treasurer in June 2011 and is the founder of online trading company Currency Management Consultants Ltd.

Tonight the Conservative Party said it would urgently investigate the claims against its top fundraiser. Watch

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