Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blog News

Posting may be a little thin on the ground and somewhat spasmodic for a few days.

This will be as a result of changing ISPs, all email addresses et al and preparing for a new PC.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

*good luck*

Himself said...

Thank you m'darlin, we're getting there slowly.

I found this quite interesting, you may too, what with the Dutch connection.

Among other things, the origin of Downing Street.


Anonymous said...

Interesting, thank you m'darlin, the complicated relationship between our two countries.
By the way, I managed 6, not too shabby, guesses included I must add. MM

Himself said...

It's been all of that I must admit, complicated relationship that is.

I think we were at war with the Dutch, almost as much as the French. Almost.

Even though history would be right up there in my (academic) interests, I wouldn't consider myself a wonk by any means, so the 9 was quite a pleasant surprise. I slipped by a couple of years on the act of union, can't win 'em all.

Popping out shortly to partake of nefarious purchases, tha knows.

I survived my big day at the dentist, three extractions, so it's a plate for me for the first time. Old age intit a bugger?

Or is it the result years of previous nefarious purchases?

Could well be.

Himself said...

Or is it the result of years

Himself said...

All the bits for my new PC ordered, so it might get built this weekend. It only takes an hour by all accounts for physically putting it together.

I have signed up with Talk Talk for an ISP, so just waiting till they switch me over, Oh, and a big refund of course.

Trend News said...

Great blog

Anonymous said...

The tea laywoman is making progress bit.ly/GVHTP5 and she hopes the expert is feeling better. X

Anonymous said...

Good evening H from the girl next door, and an interesting history.


The most Dutch thing about how important the Dutch are in the history of the world is that you hardly notice them. Their country is next door to ours, yet we seldom complain about their tourists. How far we've come since the 17th century, when Britain fought three wars against them, when we accepted a Dutch king, and when a pamphlet appeared called The Dutch-mens Pedigree, or, A Relation Shewing How They Were First Bred and Descended from a Horse-Turd Which Was Enclosed in a Butter-Box.

Well, what can I say.

By the way, has your new antique desk been delivered. Just being nosy. LU

Himself said...

Well I suppose you could say it's quite a quirky story!

I had almost forgotten about Stuyvesant being a historical figure, cigarettes branded Peter Stuyvesant were all the rage when I growing up.

Yes it has m'dear thank you, I sit at it now, having fallen out of bed for the first time in my life. I think the Bogeyman was chasing me.

And what can you say about this, other than perhaps, LOL.


Anonymous said...

Kangaroo Court, just learned. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new under the sun, but ...

The Anglo-Dutch wars of the 17th and 18th centuries were acrimonious even by the usual standards of war. (...) http://bit.ly/sbS2nZ

The Anglo-Dutch wars were a very long time ago and we are all friends now, but at this point we can introduce another reason for the English to have held on so long to hostile stereotyping of the Dutch, that is, the link with the UK's 20th century military rivals, the Germans. (...)


Pidgin - away with the fairies. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi H, do you know http://bit.ly/1hAM3lc

Himself said...

No I didn't Chuck. WTF! as they say.

I don't know whether to be flattered or outraged?

I haven't really the time to look into it right now. But then, I don't suppose it's going anywhere.

A quick search wouldn't do any harm I don't suppose, facebook hijacked my blog.

I'm sorry Maren, how did you come across it please?

Anonymous said...

By coincidence, I was searching for your "Punch and Judy" post and googled "onlyinamericablogging laugh out loud quote". First result http://bit.ly/1mQ97kI

? Posted by Peters Marlys

Anonymous said...

Yes, my link, but poster?

It's Peters not Peter.

From the US?

Nothing to do with McCann, IMO

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Thanks Maren, I shall try and make sense of it later.

Is it some kind of Bot, I can't help but wonder?

I start moving small stuff today on my own, and movers proper on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

I had to google Bot, but I think you're right. The same poster http://bit.ly/1g881Id

Bon voyage. xx

Anonymous said...

Hey look who decided to show up.


Anonymous said...


Happy Thursday

Himself said...

Fancy that!
Perhaps Blogger do read their tweets. unless something else brought it to their attention?

That's it for a couple of days I guess, the movers arrive in an hour.

Later Chuck, later.

Himself said...

I'm shagged out lass, absolutely shagged out. But I've made the bed and lashed up a few temporary wires.

Withdrawal symptoms you see, withdrawal symptoms.

A totally different atmosphere Maren, no regrets whatsoever in moving, or "flitting" as they say oop north.


Goodnight me lovely. xx

Anonymous said...

A lot of work with all it entails H. I get the picture. Hope you have a relaxing weekend, so far as possible. Nice weather, tea in the back garden. Great thoughts Mx