Thursday, March 29, 2012

Seven Ways Citizens Are Using Humor and Creativity to Protest Injustice

The original article is a three page post, but I think the first item captures the essence of the thing. But if you do nothing else, do follow some of the links.

Seven Ways Citizens Are Using Humor and Creativity to Protest Injustice

While not a new concept, creative activism does seem to be having a "moment" right now as activists look for ways to draw attention to the recent attacks on our rights.
By Lauren Kelley
March 25, 2012

The recent spate of right-wing attacks against reproductive rights, the ongoing foreclosure crisis propagated by Wall Street banks, racist police actions that never seem to end - the injustices can seem overwhelming. But rather than give up, activists have been relentlessly fighting back.

There's the Occupy movement fighting economic injustice (among other things), of course, but there are also many other activists fighting for our rights all over the country. Lately, many of those activists have been using creativity, and sometimes humor, to get their message across. While not a new concept, creative activism does seem to be having a "moment" right now as activists look for ways to draw attention to the recent battles happening around the country and the world.

Below are several examples of recent actions that go beyond the traditional protest march. Some of them have made us laugh, while others make us think - but they've all been successful, in that they've grabbed the media's attention and gotten activist messages out to the masses.

Several of the funniest recent actions have been carried out by reproductive health supporters fighting back against the onslaught of right-wing attacks against reproductive rights: Komen for the Cure deciding to defund Planned Parenthood (and then backtracking), Catholic bishops launching an all-out assault on contraception, dozens of Republican-led legislative attempts to undermine Roe v. Wade. As Amanda Marcotte recently told Tracy Clark-Flory in a piece for Salon:

"Things have just gotten to the point of absurdity that you can't react without being absurd yourself." Thanks to recent attacks on even contraception, "ordinary women who often don't pay attention to politics are finally beginning to pay attention," she says. "And I think that means more opportunities to communicate through humor instead of the typical outrage thing. Humor can be very clarifying."

So we'll look at several humorous reproductive rights actions first.

1. Knitting vaginas and uteruses for anti-choice Congresspeople

The Snatchel Project has a simple rallying cry: "Let's make a uterus or VJJ for each male rep in congress!" The point is to send the following message to anti-choice Congresspeople: "Hands off my uterus! Here's one of your own!"

Here are the simple instructions for participation, via the group's website:

1. Knit or crochet a vagina or uterus

2. Print a message to enclose

(see below for a suggested message)

3. Mail it to your male Senator or Congressional Representative

(see the links to the right)

4. We're in the process of arranging hand delivery to congressional offices in Washington, until then, go ahead and mail yours in!

5. Record your items in this spreadsheet so we can track which representatives still need to receive a "gift"!

6. Don't forget to thank your representative if he respects women and supports our rights.

Learn how to knit, follow the patterns, and you too can send your government representatives a message they're unlikely to forget.

2. A sex strike for reproductive rights More


Anonymous said...

Living in a free country I don’t have to deal with such issues, but the slogan "Hands off my uterus! Here's one of your own!", is great.

Curious about the anti-choice Congress people spouses’ (assuming they have one) reaction to the knitted gift. Let’s hope it’s an eye-opener for the anti-choice Congress men’s wives and also for the anti-choice Congress women’s husbands. Just wishful thinking of course, who would marry an anti-choice Congress (wo)man anyway.

Himself said...

It amazes me how Republicans think they are ever going to attract women's votes.

Other than that is, the dried up Jesus freak type.

Are you totally godless by the way?

Because when you are, all these arguments take on a degree of insanity that staggers the rational mind.

Anonymous said...

I see Ted’s attracted KnitnPearl, the luv life sitatthetable and dindasheeva with a great selection of Vera Wang bedding. I would think he prefers the feathers, something like "just act normal, that’s crazy enough" (Dutch saying, nuff said).

Anyway, goodnight to you, sweet dreams Mel

Himself said...

"My mother made me a homosexual"

If I get her the wool, will she make me one?

Good morning my little buttered mushroom.

Anonymous said...

It’s Betty for Ted, irrefutable.
Talking of backgrounds Mary Charlene’s nice one.

Himself said...

Have you seen her faves page? There is some funny stuff on that.

Anonymous said...

Ashton Kutcher can marry Katy Perry & Heidi Klum can marry Russell Brand & Demi Moore can marry Seal & EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.

@IamEnidColeslaw 2 months ago

Anonymous said...

"We do normal again, man!"

Google fun info NL

Himself said...

It doesn't translate very well, but the other links are in English.

Did you access the MEMRI TV clip by the way?

Himself said...

Netherlands judge backs cafe cannabis ban

Anonymous said...

comment Anne onymous

It will reduce drug tourism but it will increase crime as cannabis moves back to the streets. The strict limits to membership means there are not enough coffeeshops so even Dutch people will have to buy from the streets, especially those who live in areas where coffeeshops are already not allowed. Amsterdam will be hit the hardest, not only the coffeeshops, but all the tourists shops - who would want to buy a cannabis t-shirt or fridge magnet anymore? In these times of austerity this new law is absurd! The day I get turned away from a coffeeshop because I am not Dutch, will be the day I stop speaking Dutch altogether.

Anonymous said...

Two clips can be viewed without registering.

It's enough to make you want to scream, without having seen the clip you are reffering to in your post about female circumcision. Protecting myself against hatred and an aversion to compulsory registration. Yes, women who perpetrate this cruelty on their own daughters. Brainwashed by religion? Self-hatred? Whatever it is, it is inhuman and unnatural, a sort of killing.
In my opinion, the eradication of this bizarre phenomenon lies in the hands of adult women. M

Himself said...

Dope to be back on the street corner then.

And the other thing, you say it well enough.

a sort of killing

Anonymous said...


A good neighbour is worth more than a distant friend, they say.

A group of Belgians have started a campaign to introduce a "beer pass" to stop Dutch tourists buying beer in Belgium.

Himself said...


I don't dislike Belgium in the least, I have raced there many times, both at Oostduinkerke and DaPanne.

Raced class 3 sand yachts that is.

Anonymous said...

New cannabis rules not working.

Himself said...

Now there's a surprise!

I'm still trying to figure out what they aimed to achieve in the first place.

I did have a wander through RNW's cannabis related posts not so very long ago. I can't remember the exact figure for cannabis tourists, but it was an awful lot.

And thank you again.

Garden centre next stop.

£? please.

Anonymous said...

Just another Sunday in Knokke.

Himself said...

Now that was funny.

Good morning Chuck.

Anonymous said...

"The researchers are right to warn of the consequences of cannabis use at a young age," he [Wim van den Brink] said, "but their results are probably being exaggerated."

Himself said...

“but their results are probably being exaggerated.” - Daily Mail - One spliff makes you paranoid.

Anonymous said...

OT, however, it is about using humor and creativity to protest injustice. Nice background.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Mornin' m'darlin'

It would drive me nuts looking at that all day.

Weed Pass.

It is insane to implement a policy whose effect is to take sales out of a controlled environment, because you can guarantee a lot of the out sales will be selling more than weed.

I'm not moralising, you know my position on substances.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Thank you so very much for your kind thoughts.

Today was the first time I stuck my nose in the mailbox for days.


Anonymous said...

€ 36 - € 42

Himself said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

A (hide) the sausage dog then?

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