Thursday, March 08, 2012

Cameron Does a Blair: Iranian Missiles on London Blah Blah

This is not the first, 'be very afraid', post I have read this morning. And who, with two neurons bolted together, would believe a fucking word of it when it involved the Department of Defense, claims based on aerial recon and Iran?

Mobile chemical labs, sorry, that was from the last genocidal jolly, and missiles raining down on London. What a disingenuous piece of shit Cameron is, and who the fuck does he think he is that he attempts to treat me with such contempt?

He (Cameron) told MPs the Tehran government was trying to develop ‘intercontinental missiles’.

'Trying to' yes, quite, now read the reality, and from the goddamned BBC of all places.

Iran trying to build nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, Cameron warns MPs
by Jason Groves
March 7 2012

Iran is developing nuclear missiles capable of hitting London, David Cameron warned yesterday.

In a chilling echo of the build-up to the war against Iraq, the Prime Minister suggested that the country’s drive to develop the bomb was potentially a direct threat to the UK.

His comments appeared to move Britain a step closer to war against the hardline Islamic regime.

He told MPs the Tehran government was trying to develop ‘intercontinental missiles’.

And he repeatedly stressed that ‘military action’ against Iran was not ‘off the table’.

‘I don’t believe that an Iranian nuclear weapon is just a threat to Israel,’ he said.

Ahmadinejad pointing at things.

‘It is also clearly very dangerous for the region because it would trigger a nuclear arms race but also it’s a danger more broadly, not least because there are signs that the Iranians want to have some sort of intercontinental missile capability. So we have to be clear this is potentially a threat much more widely.’

The Prime Minister’s warning came just hours after the Cabinet was given a secret briefing by MI6 chief Sir John Sawers and the Government’s national security adviser Sir Kim Darroch on the threat posed by Iran. more and lots of 'scary photos'


Anonymous said...

'Professional politicians' – men and women without experience or maturity, who go into politics directly from university, disfigure our national political life. Many are clearly driven by their own egos and passing emotions. They are adept at calculating their own interests but seem incapable of understanding the concept of the national interest. Blair and Cameron are of this type. Between them they have designed a new type of warfare – professional politicians' wars. That is military action with no carefully considered aim or purpose except to make the politicians feel good or important or at the centre of events.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Lambert, who has lived at the Canary Island resort for 12 years, described the type of jellyfish that lurked in local waters as “a reddy colour, quite small but with very long tentacles”.