Saturday, October 06, 2007

To Serve And Protect. Fort Pierce Florida

I have on prior occasions used the metaphor "stuck for words" when trying to comment on a story that might perhaps in a normal world decry belief or a story so outrageous that the ire I feel overtakes the ability to string a coherent sentence together, this article falls into the latter category.

So with little further ado I ask you to watch the video that accompanies the article you will I'm sure form your own conclusion and I would like to think it's dissimilar to some of the comments left by those that appear to have given up any notion of what is right or what is moral in order to embrace obedience to, and the "protection" of, their "Daddies" in blue.

I will say this in all honesty, had the girl been my child I would have seriously gone looking for the cop one dark night.

FORT PIERCE - A 15-year-old girl is facing a felony battery charge from a curfew violation incident in which a city police officer struck and pepper sprayed her after she bit him — actions shown in a police videotape released Thursday.

Fort Pierce Police Chief Sean Baldwin said he stands by how Officer Dan Gilroy handled the July arrest.

“It is shocking to see that a police officer has had to use that level of force against a child,” Baldwin said Thursday night. “But ... my opinion is he responded appropriately and in accordance with our policies. more and video

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