Friday, October 05, 2007

Schip And A few Words From Tweety

To put it mildly Tweety wouldn't be included in my list of worlds favourite broadcasters, but I have to give him his due on this one.
As Rachel Maddow is doing a fine job on putting Pat Buchanon in his place on Hardball it's Tweety that talks a bit of common sense

MATTHEWS: All I know is this: I think we need a national health care system and the Democrats say they‘re for one. But when it comes time to create one, they don‘t even have the guts to finance it. If we‘re going to have a 200 billion dollar health care program, like Hillary and the others are talking about, you have to be willing to finance it. If all they‘re going to do is a number of saying, someday I‘ll raise the cigarette tax, that‘s not exactly a profile in courage, Rachel.

Either you‘re going to pay for this stuff or stop talking about it.

Hillary and Barack and Edwards are all talking about national health care. And all they can think of is some cigarette tax they know they will never pass. Why don‘t they put up their money where their mouth is, and say, we‘re for national health. And damn it, we‘re going to pay for it. We‘re going to cut something here. We‘re going to raise taxes here. It‘s going to add up. Why don‘t they say that? more and video

For an insight to how the UK National Health Service works, and more importantly how it's funded, Wikipedia

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