Friday, October 05, 2007

More Onward Bloody Christian Soldiers

When I read stories like this I get really pissed, really really pissed, bad enough that the army is spreading death and destruction and slaughtering innocents and children by the thousands but to do it with a fucking Bible in their hand sickens me beyond belief, and this to say nothing of the rage that it fires in my breast. What a bunch of slimy sanctimonious fucking hypocrites.

At Speicher base in Iraq, US Army Spec. Jeremy Hall got permission from a chaplain in August to post fliers announcing a meeting for atheists and other nonbelievers. When the group gathered, Specialist Hall alleges, his Army major supervisor disrupted the meeting and threatened to retaliate against him, including blocking his reenlistment in the Army.

Months earlier, Hall charges, he had been publicly berated by a staff sergeant for not agreeing to join in a Thanksgiving Day prayer.

On Sept. 17, the soldier and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) filed suit against Army Maj. Freddy Welborn and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, charging violations of Hall's constitutional rights, including being forced to submit to a religious test to qualify as a soldier.More

I have reported on this same case

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