Thursday, October 04, 2007

Hamilton's Fuji Win Under Investigation

Watching the clip in this report you can see what they are talking about, but if you watched the whole safety car period as I did I would think Hamilton was trying to avoid Webber with his wankery driving from running into the him. (Hamilton)

I thought Webber drove like the tossser he is throughout the whole safety car stint.

Formula One officials are investigating Lewis Hamilton's victory in Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix following complaints about erratic driving.

Red Bull's Mark Webber has accused the Englishman of doing a "bad job" behind the safety car after being knocked out of the race while following Hamilton.

Hamilton's win at Fuji gave him a 12-point lead and put him on the verge of winning the world championship.

If he is found guilty, he could have his points from Japan erased. more BBC and clip

I found this on ITV which confirms what I said above.

However after winning at Fuji, Hamilton said it had been necessary to brake sharply because of the braking material McLaren had been using – and suggested it was Webber whose driving had been erratic.

"We just needed to keep the heat in the brakes," he said.

"I was running quite a hard compound of brakes, so if I did light braking, I would have glazed the brakes.

"So I was making sure there was a little bit of a gap, maximising the gap that you're allowed and [using] it to my benefit.

"It was tough because Mark behind me was just too close, and all of a sudden he braked really hard and I don't know what happened – someone ran into him.

"I was constantly on the radio to my engineers to tell the Red Bull team to get Mark to make a little more of a gap because I couldn't go any faster because the pace car was in front of me.

"So I was trying to keep the distance with him and then I'd move over because I couldn't see Mark and then he'd just appear alongside me, so he kept outbraking himself.

"I felt something was going to happen, and I guess my instincts told me right." more

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