Friday, October 05, 2007

Home Of The Brave Land Of The Free Smoking Zone


Irrespective of your views on smoking this proposal is beyond the pale. A finer example of the Nanny/Big Brother state dictating peoples behaviour would be harder to find, even the most rabid anti-smokers should be saying stop enough! a dangerous slippery slope if ever there were.

Lawmakers in two California cities are discussing unprecedented legislation this month that would widen a growing voluntary movement by landlords and resident associations to ban smoking inside apartments and condos.

Next Tuesday, the City Council of Belmont is scheduled to cast a final vote on an ordinance that would ban smoking in apartments and condos. The measure, which won initial approval last week, could trigger fines and evictions if neighbors complain and smokers don't heed repeated warnings.more

Not to mention the post coital.


Anonymous said...

Bloomberg wants smoking ban for NYC apartments? Proposed law has clues

This is a masturbation-free zone. Welcome to your new police state. - Cabhan

Land of the free indeed!! It should go from 'God bless america' to 'God help america'. - Chuks

Himself said...

I think this simple comment hits the nail right on the head. Conditioning.


Slowly , a little at a time. creep, creep ...Handcuffs.

Antonio J. Vanderpants

If you live in apartment and you can't smoke there, where are you supposed to have sex?


Himself said...

Yes, thank you.

Babies are in bed.