Monday, April 16, 2012

Tell The Truth About Islam by Pat Condell

I might easily have passed on posting this, Pat Condell's video that is, the rest of the post coming later. Passed on it I may well have but for Pat making mention, much unlike the BBC, that the perpetrators of crimes against women are generically tagged Asian rather than what they really are, Islamic males.

The video in question first, and then just one story of many, but further links, all courtesy of Pat Condell, below that.

BBC reveals huge scale of honour attacks in Britain, fails to mention the word “Islam”

At least 2,823 people, mainly vulnerable young women, were brutalised in Britain last year by members of their family. But BBC report censors out the key information
by Robin Shepherd
3 December 2011

All right. I’m not going to make this difficult. The families giving the orders, as well as the victims, are, in the overwhelming majority of cases, Muslim. Surprised? No, of course you’re not. Honour attacks ranging in brutality from beatings to murder are commonplace in many parts of the Muslim world.

Since Britain, like many other European countries, has imported sizeable Muslim communities, which are to a significant degree unassimilated, the cultural practices of the old country have survived the transition to the new.

Finally, the figure of 2,823 attacks is almost certainly a gross under-estimate since, apart from anything else, it is drawn from only 39 of 52 UK police forces.

Got it? In just over 150 words (including title and summary) you now know all the basic information, and as intelligent, informed citizens you can have a discussion on what to do about it. That’s what journalism is for.

Propaganda, on the other hand, is intended for something else. It is designed to present a politically charged narrative held to with a fanaticism that will allow no mention of facts that contradict it. It is thus deliberately intended to lower the quality of the discussion by erasing key pieces of information.

Enter the BBC, (Link fundamental to this story and post in general*) which reported on the matter in a lengthy, 700-plus word article and failed to mention the words “Muslim”, “Islamic” or “Islam” even once.

As I write this I am flicking back to the story itself so I can double check using the Find function. Could I be mistaken?

Here goes: “Islamic”? “No Matches”. “Muslim”? “No Matches”. “Islam”? “No Matches”. More

* I have previously featured the killing of Banaz Mahmod and Banaz's older sister Bekhal. Bekhal Mahmod: Living In Fear Tagged Women in Islam

Inquiry demanded into "anti-Islam press"

'Honour' attack numbers revealed by UK police forces

(Story posted above) BBC reveals huge scale of honour attacks in Britain, fails to mention the word "Islam"

Muslim "men" filmed rape of schoolgirl

Muslims blocking the street to pray

Islamist stops university debate with threats of violence

London School of Economics passes anti-blasphemy law

University campuses are 'hotbeds of Islamic extremism'

Sharia law and middle class feminism

3500 girls at risk of genital mutilation in London

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws

Rise in female genital mutilation in London

Muslim staff escaped NHS hygiene rule

Child abuse claims at UK madrassas 'tip of iceberg'

Thinktank issues new report on madrassas

Girls forced into marriage at the age of nine

Asian communities hampering child sex inquiries

3 Muslims jailed for "death to gays" leaflets

Politically I think there might be a bit of a gap between Pat and myself, but there is absolutely nothing that I could disagree with in Condell's take on culture and the insane face of the atheist/far left.

And what Pat Condell post would be complete without a little burqa rant?

Faceless in the city [protest against burqas] Australia


Anonymous said...

Pat Condell on the intolerance of diversity. I couldn't have said it better myself, well not in English. M

Anonymous said...

"There's nothing in the Quran about women dressing up like Darth Vader." PC

Anonymous said...

3:10 Ban the burka

De boerka is een politiek statement van een weloverwogen separistische aard - daar gaat je integratiewens.

Goed gezegd. NL

Anonymous said...

And what does a young Muslim woman, who has just arrived in the Netherlands, think about a poster showing a woman in bikini? She uses a Dutch sentence she has just learnt. "Het is koud!" (It's cold!)

Himself said...

No monopoly for the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

paedophilia and necrophilia

Two laws: one that would legalize the marriage of girls starting from the age of 14 and the other that permits a husband to have sex with his dead wife within the six hours following her death.

Zamzami Abdul Bari said that marriage remains valid even after death adding that a woman also too had the same right to engage in sex with her dead husband.

You couldn’t make it up!

Egypt’s women urge MPs not to pass early marriage and sex-after-death laws.

Anonymous said...

It is not clear if this is a hoax with some people in Egypt reportedly denying the report while others continue to report the story.

Himself said...

so-called ‘Farewell Intercourse’ draft law.”

Huge potential for some kind of fucky fuck fuck off joke.

The terrible irony of the “Arab Spring” is that Egypt (like other countries like Libya) has seen citizens immediately using their newfound rights to seek the denial of rights in others.

No kidding!

Anonymous said...

Two Emirati women ...

Two Emirati women, Hanan Al Rayes and ASma Al Muhairi have launched the "UAE Dress Code" campaign, which has also grabbed a lot of attention on Face book and Twitter. They express their disappointment at the sight of foreigners dressed in indecent clothing.

"Whether you like it or not, this country has its own culture that shd be respected & protected by its own people," read one of their recent tweets.

"One of Us"?

Himself said...

"We understand that some of them are tourists and they are here to have fun

What a strange place to go and have "fun"

Anonymous said...

Before I go any further, I have a question for those who use human rights and anti-racist language to excuse and apologise for inequality, discrimination, violence against women and barbarity.

Anonymous said...

All week we’ve heard Muslims telling us that we in the West need to understand how important the prophet is to them. We do understand, and we don’t care, that’s the point. We don’t care now and we are never going to care. Get used to it.

H/T Mel

Anonymous said...

We love our prophet more than our lives.

That’s the whole point.

our lives: life

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...