Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Journey Through a Remarkable Mind: Phil Hellenes

Although I have tried previously to put into words where we, the human ape, fit into the world and what we have managed to achieve as a species, it was only as a bi-line to another story, rather than, in the case of Phil Hellenes, a dedicated attempt to explain our place in the grand scheme of things.

Nevertheless, and not for the first time, Phil Hellenes has somehow managed to take my own jumbled thoughts and philosophy and present them in a far eloquent argument than I could ever do.

Unlike many of his other slick, professional offerings, it was on this occasion, the lowly webcam that caught my attention. But no less a message it must be said, than in other previous and more "professional" Phil Hellenes productions; examples posted below.

Perhaps I might ask you to read my half a page on the subject before listening to the Philosophy of Phil Hellenes, it would put the whole thing in context.

Some previous productions.

More philhellenes

Below, from a different uploader, is another short clip that hit the right spot in me.

Courtesy of Notinmyname

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