Sunday, April 01, 2012

Jonathan Happs: A Self Portrait

It's a long time since I went to this amount of trouble over a post, but then it is a long time since I came across a specimen like the self satisfied Jonathan Happs.

Usually at this point the air would be blue describing this gnome, but exercising more self discipline than I thought I possessed, I have decided to forego such an indulgence, simply because I think this creature should be immortalised for all, not just esoteric devotees of Anglo Saxon.

Without even consulting the thesaurus, how would I describe this pretentious, insufferable, sycophantic, self-satisfied, obnoxious, stupid; see his awesome quote for Paxman's Empire, missing Paxo's point entirely, smug little Tory wannabe. Perhaps I don't have to, he does after all, paint his own portrait, and not a very endearing one at that. One only has to look at his aspiration, to work down south, to get a feel for the cut of his jib.

I had thought to merge a number of this fellow's tweets, making for a lesser number of jpegs, but that would I think, do injustice to what is writ there, surely each one worthy of its own place in posterity? But each one bordered and named for that very reason.

And I think at this juncture, I shall dedicate this post to my new BFF, Prezzer Two Jabs, Baron Prescott. Not entirely because he his mentioned below, but rather than, I can think of no other public figure who reads quite so closely, the same humour page as I.

And just one last thing, you, girly girlfriend, do marry him please, if you can go out with the fellow then I'm sure you can marry him.

If for nothing else, it will take him out of the marriage market, and might at least save a sister from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Do I like this fellow? No.

I dare you!

The Royal Family is a vital institution in our democracy thepoliticalpulse!/Johnhapps

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Anonymous said...

Johnathan Happs‏@Johnhapps
Simply the best

Simply schizophrenic

tweet Johnhapps
I want to see young people out making something of themselves not sitting around doing nothing. I support ambition in anyone

Oh, the irony.

By the way, I’m lucky, my son is normal.

Anonymous mother