Friday, April 06, 2012

Hugo Chávez Asks God to 'Give Me Life' Video

Poor old Hugo, poor old Venezuela. I will be a sad day for Venezuela if Hugo quits this coil, the Yanks will be circling already, and no doubt have a game plan, with a puppet head already lined up and ready to go.

Hugo Chávez Asks God to 'Give Me Life' Video

The Venezuelan president attends a pre-Easter mass with his family and tearfully prays to be spared from cancer. After returning from his latest round of cancer treatment in Cuba, Chávez wept during the televised speech. Having had cancer since last June, the leader pleaded with God to give him life because he had more to do for his country.
6 April 2012


su said...

A roving contemplative monk arrived in our village the other day. A beautiful being and he held a service in a field. And although I have not been near a church for a very long time, I attended this.
Beautiful beyond measure.

He will be having another one on Sunday. My prayer will be for Chavez.

Himself said...

Thank you Su.

I don't do religion as you know, but I did find Hugo's appeal quite moving, and your words touching.