Friday, April 27, 2012

The Beautiful Mind of Professor Richard Dawkins

I suppose I should be content, that thanks to an upload by TheAikenHead I can offer the recent BBC production, Beautiful Minds - Professor Richard Dawkins to those of you outside the UK.

That discontent only brought about by being unable to bring you under similar circumstances, an embedded version, of a similar beautiful mind, that of Professor Andre Greim.

Consequently I can only offer a link, viewable only in the UK unfortunately, to Beautiful Minds Series Professor Andre Geim.

But that said, let it not detract for a moment, the pleasure of watching sixty minutes of the beautiful mind of Professor Richard Dawkins.

View below or with BBC iplayer.

And now it falls on me to watch the first program in the series.

Jenny Clack recounts how she overcame setbacks before she found and described a fossil which offered new evidence of how fish made the transition onto land. link

~ ~ ~

Professor Richard Dawkins reveals how he came to write his explosive first book The Selfish Gene, a work that was to divide the scientific community and make him the most influential evolutionary biologist of his generation. He also explores how this set him on the path to becoming an outspoken spokesman for atheism.

Just five minutes of Andre Greim's acceptance speech at the Nobel dinner.

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