Wednesday, September 21, 2011


MPs summon Met police to explain bid to force Guardian to reveal sources

Deputy assistant commissioner to be called before Commons committee that investigated phone hacking

The Commons home affairs committee has decided to summon the Metropolitan police to explain its actions, after its bid – and subsequent climbdown – to make Guardian reporters disclose their sources for articles relating to the phone hacking of the murder victim Milly Dowler.

The powerful committee of MPs has already investigated phone hacking and lambasted the Met for its failings.

The deputy assistant commissioner, Mark Simmons, will be called before the committee to answer questions this Friday – the same day his officers had intended to take the Guardian to court.

Keith Vaz MP, chair of the home affairs committee said: "I have asked the Metropolitan police to give the committee a full explanation of why they took this action and to provide us with a timeline as to exactly who was consulted.

"It is essential that we get the full facts." more Guardian


su said...

The one lightness in today's news.

Himself said...

Yes, a shitty day indeed Su. I honestly thought that they would never go ahead with it, especially not after the intervention.

Fuck America!

And all the sanctimonious cocksuckers that reside in her.