Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Protest: Democracy Now Video

Perhaps it's because I don't live in the land of self delusion, or America for that matter, although in reality they are one and the same, but for everything I have ever read, or everything I have ever watched pertaining to protest and civil disobedience during the last hundred years, is but one thing common.

That in this home of the brave, land of the free, how in an instant, do America's finest, strip away any pretence of being impartial representatives of law and order, and show themselves for what the truly are; stormtroopers of both the establishment and the rich and powerful.

Which side are you on boys, which side are you on?

The same Natalie Merchant rendition only different graphics. The first being solely US related.

Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week; 80 Arrested at Peaceful March

It is day 10 of the "Occupy Wall Street" campaign. On Saturday, more than 80 protesters were arrested as hundreds took part in yet another march to Wall Street. Many of them were committing civil disobedience by walking in the street, but some say they were on the sidewalk when officers with the New York City Police Department used nets and physical force to break up the crowd. Videos uploaded to YouTube show officers pepper-spraying protesters in the face from close range, punching demonstrators and dragging people through the street. Since Sept. 17, thousands have gathered near in New York City’s financial district near Wall Street to decry corporate greed. Many have said they have been inspired by other popular uprisings from Spain to the Arab Spring. On Sunday, protesters issued a communiqué calling for the resignation of the NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly and for a dialogue with Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Thanks to Democracy Now!’s Ryan Devereaux and Jon Gerberg for this report. Transcript

The Holy Ghost People, Taking Up Serpants and Tales From Stump Holler

Youtube search: Which side are you on


Anonymous said...

"Which side are you on"

One of the most beautiful songs (and performance) I've ever heard. Natalie Merchant?
Thank you. M

Himself said...

Hasn't it got some presence?

Harlan County USA is one fine documentary Maren. If you can't download it, see if you can find a stream of it somewhere.

There is some fine music in that as well.

Just swapping the doors round on me new fridge.